5th Regiment, North Carolina Senior Reserves

Historical Notes:
Very little is known of the North Carolina Senior Reserve Units. A total of 5,618 men were enrolled in 8 units according to D. H. Hill in Confederate Military History. My rosters of these units have a total of 5,237 names:
NC 2nd Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves – 2
NC 3rd Infantry Battalion Senior Reserves – 362
NC 4th Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves – 984
NC 5th Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves – 1100
NC 6th Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves – 955
NC 7th Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves – 938
NC 8th Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves – 874
Hart’s Company NC Senior Reserves – 7
McCorkle’s Battalion NC Senior Reserves – 17
A total of 137 men from Ashe or Alleghany County, North Carolina served in the 5th North Carolina Senior Reserves. The regiment was formed by the consoli-dation of two battalions in the summer of 1864. Most of the companies served as prison guards at Salisbury, North Carolina, but Company F served as a mounted patrol guard for the Northwestern North Carolina counties. Few of the men actually wanted to be in service, and most were AWOL when a muster roll was prepared on February 28, 1865.
· Evans, G.B. (D.)
· Evans, Peter G.
· McCrory, Elvis
· McGregor, Archibald
· Forbes, W. H.
Quartermaster Sergeant:
· McAllister, A. H.
· Pratt, H.B.
  • Prison guards at Salisbury, North Carolina
  • Mounted patrol guard for the Northwestern North Carolina counties.
  • Rosters:
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 1100 men. Bibliography for Research:

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