Battlesin Georgia 1862

Battles in Georgia - 1862

This list of battles is excerpted from "1800 Days." The battle list is maintained in an Excel spreadsheet. If you are working on creating a "One Man's Story" you may want to download the entire spreadsheet which contains over 5,000 entries. This spreadsheet is available in the Source Documents.

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The narrative for each of these battles is excerpted from "All the Battles of the Civil War." These are made available under a Creative Commons Share Alike with Attribution license. You are free to use these articles as long as you attribute the source.

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BA004729Venus Point?Feb. 15, 1862
BA004893Whitemarsh Island?March 30-31, 1862
BA004962Wilmington Island?March 30-31, 1862
BA004894Whitemarsh Island?April 1 , 1862
BA000555Bishop's Creek?April 9, 1862
BA002193Fort Pulaski?April l0-11, 1862
BA001868Doboy River?Nov. 18, 1862

This battle list is excerpted from "1800 Days."

Page last modified on July 04, 2013