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Civil War Books


The Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. 2 535 pgs. by Ida M. Tarbell Hardback

A Guide to South Carolina Civil War Research 1st Edition by John C. Rigdon Paperback

Sarah Biography of Sarah Palin by John C. Rigdon Paperback

66 Days of Hell Sherman's March Through South Carolina by John C. Rigdon Paperback

Shiloh by Albert Dillahunty Paperback

The Men in Gray by Robert Catlett Cave Paperback

Catechism for Little Children by NC Sunday School Board, 1863 Paperback

Confederate Christianity by Thurman Calhoun Paperback

A Sketch of the Life of Hedley Vicars, Christian Soldier by Catherine Marsh Paperback

The Gray Book by Sons of Confederate Veteran - 1920 Paperback

Best of Confederate Veteran - 1904 by Confederate Veteran Magazine Paperback

A Collection of War Songs of the South by Marietta Memorial Association Paperback

A Confederate Catechism by Lyn Gardiner Tyler Paperback

Truth of the War Conspiracy of 1861 by H. W. Johnstone Paperback

The Diary of Brig. Gen. Marcus Joseph Wright by Marcus Joseph Wright Paperback

Humorous Incidents of the Civil War by A. C. McLeary Paperback

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