Roswell Battalion

Georgia Roswell Battalion

Clark, J.P.Captain
Dunwoody, Charles A.Captain
King, James R.Captain
King, Thomas E.Captain
Zachry, A.A.Captain
Adams, Theodore D.Lieutenant
King, Joseph H.1st Lieutenant
King, Ralph, B. Sr.1st Lieutenant
Pratt, Charles Jr.1st Lieutenant
Pryor, James J.1st Lieutenant
Flowers, B.J.2d Lieutenant
Minhinnett, Frank J.2d Lieutenant
Sherman, Randloph E.2d Lieutenant
Smith, John2d Lieutenant
Touchstone, Solomon2d Lieutenant
Watkins, Gary Sr.2d Lieutenant
Kinley, John R.3d Lieutenant
Faulkner, C.W.Sergeant
Fields, P.C.Sergeant
Fortner, Charles W.Sergeant
Ball, MSergeant
Brown, John J.Sergeant
Brown, John N.Sergeant
Bush, AsaSergeant
Dodgen, WileySergeant
Gilbert, WilliamSergeant
Groover, Raford J.Sergeant
Groover, Raybond J.Sergeant
Manwaring, J.Sergeant
Roberts, JohnSergeant
Smith, S.D.Sergeant
West, Isacc C.Sergeant
Whittington, J.N.Sergeant
Jackson, Lewis AFarrier
Brown, Cisero S.Ordnance Sergeant
Mayfield, H.Corporal
McGullion, MatthewCorporal
Medlin, Joel J.Corporal
Medlin, R.J.Corporal
Robinson, JohnCorporal
Waldrop, HarryCorporal
Wallace, AmaniasCorporal
Gaddy, P.S.Corporal
Albritten, James L.Private
Allen, MartinPrivate
Allgood, NathenPrivate
Anderson, J.M.Private
Arnold, John W.Private
Ashley, JohnPrivate
Bailey, JohnPrivate
Barker, JamesPrivate
Barker, JohnPrivate
Bentley, William A.Private
Bolton, W. H.Private
Bonfoy, SamuelPrivate
Boyce, M.Private
Boyles, William R.Private
Bradford, JamesPrivate
Browlee, B. W.Private
Brown, A.P,Private
Brown, H.Private
Brown, John C.Private
Brown, Melvin P.Private
Bryant, A.F.Private
Bryant, P.H.Private
Burnett, JohnPrivate
Cain, H.Private
Camp, E. J.Private
Camp, George H.Private
Cassells, ThomasPrivate
Cassells, WilliamPrivate
Cobb, D.D.Private
Cobb, DurandPrivate
Cobb, Jame ThompsonPrivate
Cobb, JamesPrivate
Coleman, JohnPrivate
Coleman, WilliamPrivate
Cooley, George F.Private
Cooley, JohnPrivate
Copeland, Andrew J.Private
Couch, A.N.Private
Cronan, JosephPrivate
Cruse, S.O.Private
Dodgen, William R.Private
Drake, JohnPrivate
Dremon, J.W.Private
Dupree, Benjamin H.Private
Eades, George W.Private
Echols, George W.Private
Ellenbury, J.E.Private
Elliott, John L.Private
Farr, JohathanPrivate
Fenn, T.A.Private
Fields, J.F.Private
Fretwell, IsaacPrivate
Fretwell, LittletonPrivate
Gann, GeorgePrivate 
Garrett, W.P.Private 
Garrett, WilliamPrivate 
Garrison, JohnPrivate 
Garrison, P.W.Private 
Green, H.M.Private 
Green, NewtonPrivate 
Grey, AndrewPrivate 
Grey, AndrewPrivate 
Grimes, JohnPrivate 
Groover, MiltonPrivate 
Groover, PeterPrivate 
Hindman, AselPrivate 
Hopkins, George W.PrivateTwo sons served in the GA 40th Infantry Regiment, Company H. George T. Hopkins and Daniel D. Hopkins.
Hopkins, William Charles Marion (Billy)PrivateSon of George W. Hopkins. Age at enlistment, 15. Shot in the forehead at the Battle of Decatur, but survived.
Hunter, J.J.Private 
Hunter, James S.Private
Jackson, J.E.Private
Jenkins, J.W.Private
Jones, B.W.Private
Jones, SingletonPrivate
Kelly, JamesPrivate
Kelpin, CharlesPrivate
Kinley, HughPrivate
Kirk, FrankPrivate
Lamb. E.S.Private
Lewis, JamesPrivate
Lindsey, RansomPrivate
Long, ReubenPrivate
Low, SamuelPrivate
Mackey, HarrisPrivate
Mackey, SimonPrivate
McGullion, Albert J.Private
Medlin, GeorgePrivate
Medlin, JohnPrivate
Minhinnett, JohnPrivate
Mitchell, JesseePrivate
Moore, JohnPrivate
Newman, WilliamPrivate
Nix, WilliamPrivate
Norris, JamesPrivate
Osborn, B.W.Private
Paden, Rovert S.Private
Poore, GreshamPrivate
Pratt, WilliamPrivate
Reddings, KinsonPrivate
Reeves, BenjaminPrivate
Reynolds, J.T.Private
Ridens, KinsonPrivate
Riding, K.Private
Robert, John W.Private
Robert, William S.Private
Roberts, J.H.Private
Roche, TheodorePrivate
Sherman, JohnPrivate
Sherman, LutherPrivate
Sherman, NatPrivate
Sigman, E.Private
Smith, E.W.Private
Smith, HenryPrivate
Sprayberry, B.Private
Steadley, D.B.Private
Stephens, Thomas S.Private
Steward, James A.Private
Swords, JohnPrivate
Thompson, James H.Private
Torbush, JamesPrivate
Watson, Benjamin W.Private
Watson, JohnPrivate
Webb, Clinton M.Private
West, J.T.Private
Whelchel, Daniel D.Private
Whelchel, HiramPrivate
Whelchel, MajorPrivate
William, JesseePrivate
Wing, John L.Private
Wood, Jason S.Private
Wood, JohnPrivate
Wood, WilliamPrivate

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