Unit 161 FS

Georgia 1st Georgia Regulars

Field Staff and Band

Williams, Charles Jones Colonel March 15, 1861. Died February 6, 1862.

Chastain, Elijah Webb-Lieutenant Colonel Mar 21, 1861 Re- signed June 18, 1861. Elected Colonel of the 8th Regiment Ga. State Troops December 14, 1861. Roll dated April 16, 1862, last on file, shows him present.

Magill, William Joseph--Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel. ----See Captain Co. A.

Martin, William-Lieutenant Colonel February 3, 1862. ----See Captain Co. B.

Twiggs, H. D. D. Lieutenant Colonel.----See 1st Lieutenant Co. D.

Hardin, E. R. Major February 1, 1861. Resigned March 15, 1861.

Smith, William Duncan, Jr. Major March 15, 1861. Acting Asst. Adjutant General to General Lawton May-June 1861. Elected Colonel of the 20th Regiment Ga. Inf. July 14, 1861. Ap pointed Captain of Corps of Cavalry, C. S. A.(to rank from March 16, 1861 ), July 19, 1861. Promoted Brigadier General, P. A. C. S., March 7, 1862. (Formerly Captain in 2d U. S. Dragoons). Died at Charleston, S. C. October 4, 1862.

Walker, John D. Major.----See Captain Co. C.

Wayne, Richard A.-Maj or; Lieutenant Colonel; Colonel. ----See Captain Co. E.

Grieve, Miller, Jr. Major and Lieutenant Colonel.----See Captain Co. H.

Hill, A. A. Franklin-Major.----See Captain Co. A.

Harrison, George P., Jr. Adjutant Apr 8, 1861. Elected Colonel of the 32d Regiment Ga. Inf. May 15, 1862. Promoted Briga dier General, P. A. C. S., February 1865. Surrendered, Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865.

Atkinson, Robert Holt-Adjutant.----See 2d Lieutenant Co. G.

Palmer, F. B.-Sergeant Major June 13, 1861.----See 5th Sergeant Co. B.

Hurd, Isaac T.--Sergeant Major.----See 5th Sergeant Co. F.

Boggs, Choang T.-Sergeant Major.----See 2d Sergeant Co. H.

DeLaigle, Lewis-2d Lieutenant February 1, 1861 Appointed Quar- termaster May 1, 1861; Captain and A. Q. M. October 29, 1864; Major and Quartermaster in 1864. No later record.

Payne, W. W.--Captain and Asst. Quartermaster.----See 1st Lieutenant Co. E.

Beall, Thomas C. Quartermaster.----See 3d Corporal Co. M.

Gray, John J.-Quartermaster Sergeant February 12, 1861. Trans- ferred to Co. 6, June 22, 1861; to Co. D, July 20, 1861. Deserted

at Camp Drayton, Va. March 1, 1862. Apprehended in Asheville, North Carolina April 1862, and confined in jail there. No later record.

McMurphy David D. (or McMurphey)-Quartermaster Sergeant. ----See private Co. E.

Weber, Joseph-Quartermaster Sergeant February 28, 1861. Appears last on roll for October 31, 1861.

Proudfoot, Thomas M.-Quartermaster Sergeant. ----See 4th Sergeant Co. D.

Weldon, Henry A. B.-Ordnance Sergeant.----See private Co. G. Douglas, George B. Surgeon April 27, 1861. Paroled Albany, Ga. May 20, 1865.'

Cherry, E. D.-Surgeon June 21, 1862. Surrendered Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865.

Duncan, William-Contract Surgeon March 20, 1861. Appointed Asst. Surgeon May 17, 1861. Resigned November 27, 1861. Appointed Asst. Surgeon January 11, 1863.Assigned to Howards Grove Hos pital September 8, 1864. On duty there March 30, 1865.

Stiles, Clifford A. Asst. Surgeon April 27, 1861. Resigned November 23, 1861. Acting Surgeon of the 18th Battn. Ga. Inf. April 22 August 29, 1862; Physician at Salt Works at Savannah, Ga. November 19-December 31, 1862. On duty at Warm Springs, Ga. July 24, 1863. No later record.

Farley, J. C. Asst. Surgeon October 13, 1861. Transferred to 2d Regiment Ga. Inf. as Asst. Surgeon. Surrendered, Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865.

White, A. J. Hospital Steward.----See private Co. D.

Garrett, William J.--Hospital Steward.----See private Co. M.

McConnell, Samuel M.-Captain and Assistant Commissary Sergeant February 1, 1861; Commissary 1861. Resigned May 28, 1863.

Eyles, Henry (or Eylers)-Quartermaster Sergeant February 28, 1861. Paid at Richmond, Va. October 16, 1862. No later record.

Richter, Ernst-Chief Musician May 15, 1861. Discharged, dis- ability, May 4, 1862.

Cook, Mathan-Musician.----See Musician Co. G.

Fight, Jacob-Musician March 15, 1861. Discharged, over-age and general debility, December 7, 1861.

Fight, John-Musician March 16, 1861. Appears last on roll for October 31, 1861.

Manger, Jacob-Musician.----See private Co. G.

Miller, John (or Muller)-Musician March 2, 1861. Appears last on roll for October 31, 1861.

Wagner, Charles-Musician May 15, 1861. Discharged July 20, 1862.

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