Unit 19 FS

Georgia 4th Infantry Regiment

Field Staff and Band

Burney, James S. 
Cook, Philip 
Daniel, Henry K. 
DeGraffenreid, Francis H. 
Doles, George 
Evans, Robert F. 
Ford, James CMusician
Ford, William W. 
Freeman, David CMusician
Garner, Washington W. 
Gecks, Henry SMusician
Harwell, James Rivers 
Harwell, William A. 
Hester, James G 
Jordan, William F. 
Kendrick, Charles A. 
Leamon, John ft. 
Mathews, John J. 
McCants, John James 
McComb, Samuel 
Miller, Palmon L. 
Morgan, Charles S. 
Morgan, Jerry Brown 
Nelson, Thomas M. 
Orme, Henry Savage 
Pettee, Henry C. 
Philpot, William H. 
Robert, Alexander J. 
Smith, Lewis AMusician
Smith, Robert S. 
Snead, Fletcher Tillman 
Stern, Anseln 
Tinsley, Howard
Twitty, Peter S.
Westheimer, Henry
Wheatley, Israel T.
Whitehead, Charles L.
Willey, John M.
Willis, William H.
Young, William Proby
Zitterbart, Louis

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