Unit 25 FS

Georgia 6th Regiment Volunteer Infantry

Field Staff and Band

Colquitt, Alfred Holt – Captain Company H May 27, 1861. Elected Colonel May 27, 1861. Promoted Brigadier General, P. A. C. S., September 17, 1862; Major General March 1865. Surrendered Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865. Died at Washington, D. C. March 26, 1894.

Lofton, John T. - Captain Company K May 28, 1861. Elected Colonel September 17, 1862. Killed at Ft. Fisher, Va. January 13, 1865.

Harris, Sampson W.--Colonel February 14, 1865.----See Lieut.-Colonel.

Newton, James M. Lieutenant Colonel May 27, 1861.----See Captain Co. D.

Cleveland, Wilde C. Lieutenant Colonel March 26, 1863.----See Major.

Anderson, Charles David-Lieutenant Colonel May 15, 1863.----See Captain Co. C.

Arnold, William M. Lieutenant Colonel January 20, 1864.----See Captain Co. A.

Harris, Sampson W. Lieutenant Colonel July 7, 1864.----See 1st Lieutenant Co. K.

Cleveland, Wilde C.-Major.----See Captain Co. E.

Tracy, Philemon-Major May 27, 1861. Killed at Sharpsburg, Md. September 17, 1862.

Anderson, Charles David--Major September 17, 1862.----See Captain Co. C.

Arnold, William M. Major June 16, 1863. - See Captain Co. A.

Culpepper, James M.-Major January 1865.----See 3d Sergeant Co. C.

Reid, James M: Adjutant May 27, 1861. ----See 1st Lieutenant Co. A.

Russell, Benjamin J.-Adjutant June 4, 1861.----See 2d Lieutenant Co. H.

Glover, John T: Adjutant June 1864.----See private Co. I.

Thigpen, Alexander M.--Chaplain March 6, 1862. Resigned to accept charge of church in Atlanta, Ga. February 18, 1865.

Miller, John M.-Sergeant Major May 9, 1861. Transferred to Co. C; to Co. H, 62d Regiment Ga. Inf. June 19, 1863. Appointed 3d Sergeant June 23, 1863. Elected 2d Lieutenant February 1, 1864. Transferred to Co. H, 8th Regiment Ga. Cavalry July 11, 1864. Roll for December 31, 1864, last on file, shows him present.

Hester, John T.--Sergeant Major September 1862. ----See 2d Corporal Co. H.

Witcher, Benjamin H.-Sergeant Major 1864.----See private Co. K.

Ely, Robert M. Enlisted as a private in Co. E, 4th Regiment Ga. Inf. May 2, 1861. Appointed Quartermaster, 6th Regiment Ga. Inf. June 4, 1861. Appointed Brigade Quartermaster November 23, 1863. Surrendered Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865.

Gray, John H. Captain & Assistant Quartermaster November 23, 1863.-See private Co. A.

Sharp, James P.-Quartermaster Sergeant.----See private Co. K.

Solomon, Carey E: Quartermaster Sergeant.----See private Co. H.

Richardson, Charles H.--Surgeon June 4, 1861. ----See 1st Lieutenant Co. C.

Warren, Thomas A.--Assistant Surgeon June 10, 1861.----See private Co. I.

Swann, William M.--Assistant Surgeon March 1, 1862. Appointed Brigade Surgeon. Surrendered Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865.

Haslam, William M.-Hospital Steward 1861.----See private Co. C.

Harrison, Irby H. - Hospital Steward May 1863. ----See 1st Cor poral Co. H.

Solomon, John W.---Captain & Assistant Commissary June 8, 1861.-See 4th Sergeant Co. H.

Collier, Bryant A. Commissary Sergeant. - See private Co. D.

Faust, William E.---Commissary Sergeant.----See private Co. K.

Wimberly, Fred D.--Commissary Sergeant May 1, 1862. ----See private Co. I.

McMullin, George W.---Ensign.----See private Co. H.

Poole, Lemuel C: Sutler.----See private Co. G.

Spence, John-Chief Musician.----See private Co. A.

Bennett, Alexander S: Musician.----See private Co. B.

Cox, Samuel M.-Musician.----See private Co. H.

Harrison, Sullivan R: Musician.----See private Co. C.

Horton, Frederick S.-Musician.----See Musician Co. D.

Huff, Joseph R. W: Musician.----See private Co. K.

Johns, James T.-Musician.----See private Go. F.

Pope, Leroy H: Musician.----See private Co. E.

Powell, Benjamin L.-Musician.----See private Go. C.

Prevatt, Joseph S: Musician.----See Musician Co. E.

Puckett, John E. B.--Musician.----See private Co. I.

Rogers, Simeon D: Musician.----See private Co. A.

Searcy, Henry M.-Musician.----See private Co. G.

Shamblin, Andrew J.--Musician.----See private Co. B.

Wilson, David W.---Musician.----See private Co. H.

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