Louisiana 8th Infantry Regiment

Company G

Minden Blues

Minden, Louisiana

Allums, Asa - survived the war

Aubery, William -

Bailey, Ed C. - , wounded on hand battle of Winchester, May 25,1862; Killed at Spottsville Courthouse, May 12,1864

Bailey, John W. - Killed at second battle of Fredericksburg, May 4, 1863

Bailey,William H. - Sgt. Wounded at Gaines Mill, June 1862, survived the war

Ballard C. N. LA 8th Inf. Co. G survived the war

Ballard, W.S. -

Barksdale, Nathaniel - left with the wounded at Gettysburg as a nurse.

Beach, Miles - Wounded

Beauchamp, Jim LA 8th Inf. Co. G. survived the war

Beck, George Dallas - Lost foot at Malvern Hill, July 1.1862

Bell, Benjamin M. - Killed in fall of 1864 in Maryland

Berry, Thomas - Died of wounds

Boone, Augustus A. - survived the war

Boyett, W.H. - , Missing May 1862, supposed dead

Boykin, John W. - taken prisoner at battle of Kelly's Ford. Paroled and came home.

Brown, Benjamin F. -

Buys, Joseph G. - Sgt. captured at Rappahannock Bridge 1863, taken to Fort Delaware prisoner. survived war

Burnett, Covington H. - Cpl. Killed in fall of 1864

Burnett, William T. - discharged Dec. 1861

Burnham, William A. - 1st Sgt. Killed in fall of 1864 in Maryland

Burson, Ephraim L. - Sgt. came home at end of war.

Butler, Columbus N. - Left Co. at Hamilton's Crossing near Fredericksburg, May 3,1863, on account of eyes.

Butler, O.J. -

Camp, George T. - ,D Sgt.

Canfield, Francis M. - Left after 12 months

Collins, George W. - Killed at Gaines' Mill, June 27, 1862

Collins, James 'Jammie' H. - Killed at Spottsylvania Court House 1864

Collins, Joseph C. - Wounded

Cox, M.S. LA 8th Inf. Co. G English subject-left after 12 months

Crawford, William A. - Wounded at Mechanicsville Pike, Md. 1864, survived the war.

Creichton, George P. - Killed Sept. 1861, at Manassas Junction.

Crichton, John - Wounded May 4,1863, 2nd battle of Fredricksburg, survived the war

Crichton, William - Sgt. Killed June 9, 1862 at battle of Fort Republic

Cue, Miles. - Killed at Richmond

Curry, J. H. LA 8th Inf. Co. G 4th Corp. Enlisted 1861

Daffin, George W. - 4th Sgt. Enlisted 1861

Davis, William - Taken prisoner at battle of Gettysburg, died at Fort Delaware

Dawson, Thomas - survived the war

Daylord, John -

Doyle, James - Killed at Port Republic, June 9, 1962

Fincher, Joseph 'Joe' M. - Wounded in fall of 1864

Garrison, William C. - Wounded and lost arm at Malvern Hill, July 1,1862, survived war

Gentry, Russell 'Rus' - survived the war

Geren, John F. - Killed Sept. 1861 Manassas Junction

Geren, Richard M. -

Geren, William S. - Cpl. Wounded May 4,1864 at battle of Wilderness, Wounded June 8,1864 at battle of Mechanicsville. survived the war, came home.

Gillcoat, Willis - Left Company after 12 months.

Godley, Jesse C. - Left Company after 12 months.

Goronto, William P. - ,D

Grider, James A. -

Grounds, Jacob -

Grounds, John - Came home Lost Voice

Grounds, Joshua LA 8th Inf.Co. G Wounded in hand at 2nd Manassas, Sept. 1861

Hadley, D.M. - Wounded at Spottsylvania Court House May 12, 1864

Hamilton, Everard J. - 2nd Lt. Enlisted Sept.15, 1862, Wounded at Gettysburg July 2,1863, Transfered to Trans. Miss. Department assigned to Staff Gen.H.T. Hayes as Capt. Survived war.

Hardy, Jesse F. -

Hardy, William T. -

Harvey, John Willis - Discharged at Manassas June, 1861

Helms, Aaron - Wounded at 2nd battle of Fredericksburg, May 4, 1863, survived war

Hercy, E. L. LA 8th Inf. Co. G survived the war

Holly, W. J. -

Howell, Green S. - survived war

Hutchins, James L. - survived war

Judge, Thomas - Missing after battle of Sharpsburg, Sept. 17.1862

Kemp, Stephen - Lost leg at battle of Petersburg,1865, survived the war

Keough, Miles F. -

Kimbell, Christopher J. - Cpl. Wounded in arm at Richmond, died in hospital

Kimbell, George W. - Died at home on leave of absence.

King, Thomas F. - Wounded at Winchester, 1862

Kingrey, Abraham J. - Captured at Huntsville, April 1862 on train returning to command while on furlough.

Lancaster, John M. - Cpl. survived war

Leary, John C. - Wounded at Gains' Mill, June 17,1862 and 2nd battle of Fredericksburg.

Leatherman, F. M. - survived the war

Lewis, Americus L. - Wounded May 4, 1864, survived the war

Lewis, James P. - survived the war

Lewis, John Langdon - Capt. April 24, 1861. Resigned Dec.,1861; survived the war.

Lewis, Simon -

Lewis, William S. - Wounded in leg at battle of Sharpsburg, Sept. 17,1862

Littleton, A.P. -

Lofton, Joel G. - Wounded in leg at 2nd battle of Fredericksburg, May 4, 1862,Died in Richmond

Logan, C. -

Long, Robert A. - Wounded 2nd battle of Fredericksburg, May 4, 1862, survived war

Lunsford, W.B. -

Lyons, John C. -

Mackey, A. - Killed at Bristoe Station, Aug. 27, 1862

Malone, Francis M. - ,D Died in hospital

Markham, Isaac W. -

Martin, James R. - Left in hospital and never returned supposed died.

Martin, William J. - Killed at Port Republic, June 9, 1862

Mason, John F. - Killed at 2nd battle of Fredericksburg, May 4, 1862

McCoy, Henry P. - ,D survived the war

McFarland, Walton Belmore - Died on way home.

McIntyre, John D. - Captured at Rappahannock Bridge, Nov 1863,Prisoner Fort Delaware, exchanged, transferred to Artillery,assigned battery at Mobile, rank of 2nd Lt. survived war

McKay, Patrick -

McKee, James P. - 3rd. Cpl. Enlisted 1861, Killed at Fort Republic, June 9, 1862

McKinney, Absalom S. - Died in hospital

McNamee, William J. -

McNeil, William - Killed in battle of Bristoe Station Aug. 27, 1862

Mellon, H.B. -

Miller, George W. - Wounded in battle of Fort Republic, June 9, 1862

Miller, Isaiah -

Minchew, Phillip L. -

Monds, James -

Montgomery, Edward A. - ,D survived war

Montgomery, Marshall F. - 2nd. Cpl. Enlisted 1861, Killed at Monacy, July 9, 1864

Montgomery, Russell - Killed at Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862

Monzingo, Henry W. - Died at Culpepper, 1861

Monzingo, John A. - Killed at Fort Republic, 1862

Moreland, Turner H. - 3rd. Sgt. Enlisted 1861, left after 12 months.

Morris, Jesse T. - Died in Maryland, 1864

Morris, Thomas J. - survived war

Morris, William J. -

Morrow, Edward G. - Died at Culpepper, 1861

Morrow, Thomas E. - survived the war

Morrow, William C. -

Morrow, Wilson B. - survived the war

Mull, J.R. -

Munds, James - Wounded and survived the war

Murray, Patrick - ,D

Murrell, Edmond -

Murrell, John P. - Killed at Sharpsburg, Sept.17, 1862

Murrell, Perry J. - 1st Sgt. Wounded Sharpsburg, Sept.17, 1862, Killed at Gettysbury, July 1863

Murrell, Simeon - Died in 1862

Neil, T.B. -

Nickerson, James S. -

Nolan, James - Wounded at Rappahannock Bridge, Nov. 7, 1863

Nottingham, Leonard - Discharged spring of 1862

Nunn, Augustus S. - Ord.Sgt. Survived the War

O'Callihan, Harry S. -

O'Neal, Stephen P. -

O'Neal, Sylvester B. LA 8th Inf.

O'Neal, Tyra Monroe - Died in hospital

Phillips, James - ,D,B 1st Corpl. Enlisted 1861, Wounded,sirvived war.

Pinkard, James J. - survived the war

Pinkard, John M. - Died in Elmira prison, New York

Pratt, Clarence B. - Wounded in foot at Sharpsburg, Sept. 17, 1862, survived war

Pratt, Edward E. - Died in Sept.1861

Quoite, Joseph M. - Discharged in 1861

Rawls, Benjamin F. - ,D survived the war

Rawls, John - Cpl. Killed at Malvern Hill, 1862

Rawls, William T.E. - Died at Manassas, 1861

Roberts, Marion - Died in 1862

Rockwell, William C. - Jr.2nd Lt. Enlisted April 24, 1862, Left Co. after 12 months.

Rodriguez, Raymond - Wounded at Bristoe Station, Aug. 27,1862

Sandlin, Nicholas J. - 1st Lt. Enlisted April 24, 1862. Wounded in hand 2nd battle of Fredericksburg, May 4,1863, survived the war.

Scott, James W. -

Scott, Robert M. - Transfer to Cavalry in Tenn.Army, Killed in battle

Scott, Walter J. - Transfer to Cavalry in Tenn. Army

Sears, Richard - Wounded at Sharpsburg, Sept. 17,1863 survived war

Seegar, James J. - Killed in battle of Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862

Shaw, J.P. -

Shaw, Samuel J. - survived the war

Simmons, E. Ferdinand - Sgt. Killed at Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862

Simmons, John L. - Killed at Gettysburg, July 1863

Simmons, W.A. -

Simms, Benjamin F. - Capt. April 12, 1862, Died of disease Aug. 1862

Smith, George W. - Discharged in 1862

Smith, John T. - Died Jan. 1862

Smith, Robert A. -

Smith, S.P. - Died in 1861

Steele, Louis F. - Music. Discharged as too young for service

Stimpson, Edgar S. -

Strickland, Ezekiel - survived the war

Strickland, Moses P. - Survived the war

Strickland, Solomon - Wounded in 1864, survived war

Swearingen, Thomas M. -

Talton, Henry W. - killed at battle of Sharpsburg, Sept. 17,1862

Teutsch, Jacob - survived the war

Thomas, Ephraim M.B. - Lost right arm in Aug.1864, survived the war.

Thompson, Asa V. - Wounded in leg, died in Richmond 1863

Thompson, Jeff. - Wounded and died in 1864

Tompkins, Thomas B. - 2nd Lt. Enlisted April 24, 1861, Left Co. after 12 months.

Tooley, Thomas - Wounded and survived the war

Trammell, Thomas -

Turner, William -

Vick, James H.W. - Wounded at Rappahannock Bridge, Nov. 7, 1863, died in prison

Walker, Green W. - Wounded lost leg in 1864, survived war

Walker, Isaac C. - Wounded at Gains'Mill, July 27, 1863, died in hospital

Walker, James M. -

Walker, Newton H. - Discharged in fall 1863

Watkins, Lynn Boyd - Transfered to cavalry of Tenn. Army, survived the war

Webb, John H. - Capt.Dec. 1861, Left Company at end of 12 months.

Webb, J. L., 1st Lieut. Enlisted April 24, 1862. Promoted to Capt.after death of B.F. Simms.

Webb, Samuel Y. - Capt.Aug. 24,1862, Captured at battle of Rappahannock Bridge Nov. 7, 1863, prisoner of war at Johnson Island to end of war.

West, Richard M. -

Williams, Charles F. - Killed in 1863

Williams, John Simeon - Killed in battle of Wilderness, May 5, 1864

Winer, Thomas -

Witherspoon, Hezekiah F. -

Wren, George L.P. - 2nd Lt. Enlisted Aug. 24, 1862. Wounded at Sharpsburg Sept. 17. 1862, survived the war

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