Miscellaneous Articles

The Soldier's Story of his Captivity at Andersonville by Warren Lee Goss.

The Jessie Scouts by Alexander Hunter.

Jack Sterry: The Jessie Scout by B. F. Ward.

First Fighting in Pennsylvania by George W. Wilson.

Missouri UCV Camps in 1900.

Banishment From Missouri in 1864.

A Most Daring Exploit.

A Brave Missouri Boy.

Members of the Maryland 2nd Infantry Regiment who died at Andersonville.

New York Times Article listing Confederate Leaders Applications for Pardon

Louisiana Civil War Generals

List of Killed of Thirty-ninth Missouri Infantry, at Battle of Centralia, Mo., September 27, 1864.

A Critical Turning Point at First Manassas by John Cussons

The Battle of Lookout Mountain by John Creed Moore

Archer's Brigade at Chancellorsville by H. T. Childs

The Last Burned Bridge In Virginia by D. M. Grabill

A Tribute to His Brother by Dr. Robert H. Peel

Gen. Sterling Price's Proclamation To the people of Central and North Missouri from The Missouri Army Argus-Extra (December 1861)

Whitfield's Legion and the Battle of Iuka by A. W. Sparks

  • Senator Robert Toombs Addresses the Georgia Legislature by Senator Robert Toombs.

  • Texas During the Civil War by Louis J. Worthan.

  • Pettigrew's Charge at Gettysburg By General B. D. Fry.

  • The Battle of Chancellorsville by Colonel Theodore A. Dodge.

  • First Hand Account - Texas 32nd Cavalry Regiment

  • Ector's Texas Brigade

  • Obituary - Daniel Deupree - Texas 3rd Cavalry Regiment

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