Article 107

Thomas McGuire's Account

Gwinnett County, GA

This account is from the diary of Thomas Maguire of Gwinnett County, Georgia:

November 16, 1864: Up nearly all night. We are now waiting for the worst to come. Yankees are expected to be here by 9 o'clock. It is now 7. I went to see David Anderson and while I was there the Yankees came. I did not like to go home, so I stayed with Anderson until about 10 o'clock. Slocum's corps came and camped all around the house. On every side hogs and sheep were being shot and dressed to regale the palates of the Yankees. Anderson and I slept in the woods all night. This was not very pleasant for either body or mind.

November 17, 1864: We are still in the woods. Slept but little. We were dodging about trying to see the Yankees from our hiding places. The Yankees all left about 11 o'clock. I went home at 2 o'clock, tired enough and sleepy, but glad to find the home folks were not abused, although there was great destruction of property. The gin house and screw were burned, stables and barn in ashes, fences burned and destruction visible all around. Carriage, wagons, corn, potatoes, horses, steers, sheep, chickens, geese, syrup and many other items carried away or destroyed.

Source: Flanigan, James C. History of Gwinnett County, Georgia. 1818-1960. Volume II. Hapeville, GA: Longino & Porter, Inc., 1959. Page 196.

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