Article 91

The March to the Sea

Order of Battle

The Army of the Tennessee

The right wing was the Army of the Tennessee, commanded by Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard, consisting of two corps:

XV Corps, commanded by Maj. Gen. Peter J. Osterhaus, with the divisions of Brig. Gens. Charles R. Woods, William B. Hazen, John E. Smith, and John M. Corse. (15,894 men)

XVII Corps, commanded by Maj. Gen. Frank Blair, Jr., with the divisions of Maj. Gen. Joseph A. Mower and Brig. Gens. Mortimer D. Leggett and Giles A. Smith.

Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard


1st Missouri Engineers
Lieut. Col. William Tweeddale

XV Army Corps

Maj Gen. Peter J. Osterhaus

First Division

Brig. Gen. Charles R. Woods
First Brigade
Col. Milo Smith
12th Indiana Infantry Regiment
Maj. Elbert D. Baldwin
26th Iowa Infantry Regiment
Maj. John Lubbers
27th Missouri Infantry Regiment
Col. Thomas Curly
29th Missouri Infantry Regiment
Lieut. Col. Joseph S. Gage
31st/32nd Missouri Battalion
Maj. Abraham J. Seay
76th Ohio Infantry Regiment
Col. William B. Woods
Second Brigade
Brig Gen. Charles C. Walcutt (w)
Col. James S. Martin
26th Illinois Infantry Regiment
Capt. George H. Reed
40th Illinois Infantry Regiment
Lieut. Col. Hiram W. Hall
103rd Illinois Infantry Regiment
Maj., Asias Willson
97th Indiana Infantry Regiment
Col. Robert F. Catterson
Capt. George Elliott
100th Indiana Infantry Regiment
Maj. Ruel M. Johnson
6th Iowa Infantry Regiment
Maj. William H. Clune
46th Ohio Infantry Regiment
Lieut. Col. Isaac N. Alexander

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