Smith Lott

Capt. Lott Smith

Capt. Lot Smith

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NAME:Smith, Lot
UNIT:Utah Smith's Company Cavalry
RANK IN:Captain
RANK OUT:Captain

LOT SMITH, Major in the Nauvoo Legion. He was responsible for much of the Legion's success in delaying the army in its march to Utah. He had been the youngest member of the Mormon Battlaion, being just 16 when recruited, and had become one of the more outstanding frontersmen in Utah Territory. He went on to serve with the Mormon Civil War group recruited at the request of President Lincoln to guard the mail routes to the east until U.S. troops could be made available for that service. Later, he moved to New Mexico (now Arizona) and was Stake President in the Tuba City area. He was killed by Navajo Indians during a dispute over grazing areas for their cattle. He was buried there but his body was later moved to the graveyard in Farmington, Utah.

Source:Union Civil War Soldiers Database #UT000081

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