Unit 70 I

South Carolina 2nd Cavarly Regiment

Company I

Edgefield Hussars

This company was attached to the Hampton Legion of South Carolina. It was afterwards known as Company I, Second Regiment Cavalry, the last Captain of which was T. H. Clark. A roll made by Captain Clark since the war is on file in the Adjutant and Inspector General's office, and appears also in this book. Captain Clark, the last captain, is now living at Batesburg. M. C. Butler, first captain, United States Senator, - home at Edgefield.
M. C. Butler, Captain; J. J. Bunch, First Lieutenant; J. J. Crafton, Second Lieutenant; J. M. Lanham, Third Lieutenant; Thomas W. Glover, First Sergeant; J. M. Wise, Second Sergeant; F. L. Butler, Third Sergeant; A. J. Anderson, Fourth Sergeant; P. M. Butler, Fifth Sergeant; J. B. Ryan, First Corporal; F. B. Walker, Second Corporal; W. A. Glover, Third Corporal; N. L. Griffin, Fourth Corporal; J. L. Nicholson, Fifth Corporal; J. Wesley Barr, Chaplain; Alex. Rutherford, Farrier; M. A. Markert, Bugler.

S. D. Adams, W. J. Adams, Wm. A. Batchelor, J. C. Brice, Moses Bruce, A. P. Butler, E. J. Butler, Harrison Butler, J. P. Bryan, F. M. Cheatham, J. W. Chipley, J. S. Cotes, John Colgan, Randal Croft, Robert C. Crafton, John Crawford, T. H. Clark, S. C. Deal, S. P. DeLoach, J. J. Eidson, Wm. Frazier, C. B. Glover, M. O. Glover, Wm. Golding, Wade Hampton, Jr., T. P. Hampton, E. W. Henderson, ----- Jones, Jno. Kennerly, D. P. Lagrone, John Lyon, J. W. Lagrone, W. W. Lanham, W. P. McKie, Witfield Martin, J. J. Mealing, W. E. Middleton, N. W. Miller, Ruldolphus Niernsee, B. F. Ouzts, ----- Oglesby, W. M. Rhine, Jno. Riley, James Robertson, L. L. Roper, J. H. Ross, C. C. Singleton, Richard Singleton, T. L. Stark, J. W. Swearengin, T. N. Talbert, T. H. Thacker, Charles Thomas, T. W. Vaughn, Jas. Wells, Richard Ward, Jno. Ward, M. B. Ward, H. Winn, Geo. Wise, John B. Watts.
Privates, 63; officers, 17; total, 80.

The following roster is found on page 496.
Roll of Company "I," Second Cavalry, prepared by Captain T. H. Clark, Trenton, Edgefield County, S. C.:
Names only of those men from Edgefield are here given, except officers:
M. C. Butler, Captain; promoted Colonel August, 1861, afterwards Brigadier-General. J. J. Bunch, Captain; left after reorganization April, 1862. T. H. Clark, Captain; wounded at Culpepper. Va.; served through war. Joseph Carfton, First Lieutenant; left after reorganization April, 1862, P. M. Butler, First Lieutenant; wounded at Culpepper; served through war. M. A. Market, Second Lieutenant; served through the war. James M. Lanham, Second Lieutenant from June, 1861, to January, 1862. R. G. Fleming, Second Lieutenant, Richland, from January to April, 1862. John R. Tolbert, Second Lieutenant, Abbeville; wounded at Culpepper, Va.; served from April, 1862, to surrender. J. Munroe Wise, First Sergeant from August, 1861, to surrender. John D. Reilly, Second Sergeant, Augusta, Ga., dead. Benj. F. Ouzts, Third Sergeant. Samuel D. Adams, Fourth Sergeant; dead. J. Marion Shirer, Fourth Sergeant, St. Matthew's; regimental Color-Bearer. Thos. L. Butler, Third Sergeant; killed at Gettysburg. Andrew Anderson, Fourth Sergeant; discharged; furnished substitute. C. W. Winn, Fourth Sergeant; wounded at Baconhall, Va. F. P. Walker, Corporal. Augustus W. Glover, Corporal. T. N. Talbert, Corporal, Abbeville. J. J. Eidson, Corporal. M. H. Mims, Corporal. Jabez Ryan, Corporal; died at Manassas of disease. J. N. Griffin, Corporal.
W. J. Adams, George B. Addison; John F. Bates, died at Green Pond, S. C. - disease - detailed as Ordinance Sergeant; Andrew Bates, killed at John's Island, S. C., July 5th, 1863; J. Wesley Barr, discharged 1862, (The originator of Barr's legion); D. C. Bullock, W. N. Burnett, Harrison Butler;
O. N. Butler, transferred to M. C. Butler's staff, dead
Sampson Butler, died at Martinsburg, Va., disease; Seth G. Butler, G. B. Blocker; Moses Bruce, killed in battle at John's Island, S. C., July 5th, 1864; James P. Bryan; Wm. H. Bolton, killed at John's Island in battle; C. A. Cheatham, wounded at Catawba River, dead; Wm. H. Cogburn; Randall Croft, transferred 1862 to Sixth Regiment of Cavalry, dead; J. F. Cole, transferred to Quarter Master's department, dead; John A. Crawford, dead; R. F. Coleman; Geo. M. Crafton, dead; Robt. J. Crafton; Thomas M. Crafton, killed at John's Island, 5th July, 1864, in battle; Reuben P. DeLoach, Elijah Dorn, John B. Etheredge, Isaac Edwards; Joab Edwards, transferred 1863; ----- Evans, Pennsylvania, enrolled on the march to Gettysburg and lost; James H. Eidson; Avery Franklin, transferred; E. B. Forrest, James M. Forrest, J. N. Fowler; N. L. Griffin, died of wounds at Poheek Church, Va.; F. B. Griffin; John Goode, died of wounds at John's Island; T. W. Glover, died of disease at Baconhall, Va.; M. O. Glover, dead; C. B. Glover, transferred; P. B. Hanson, died at home; A. G. Hackett; Douglas Holloway, died of disease at home; Laurence Harris; Wade Hampton, Jr., promoted on General J. E. Johnston's Staff, dead; Preston T. Hampton, promoted on General Wade Hampton's Staff and killed; J. P. Hamilton, Greene Hamilton, Lewis E. Holmes, W. A. Hamlee, E. N. Henderson, T. J. Hibler, M. B. Johnson, John d. Johnson, M. W. Johnson, Jesse Jay; D. P. Lagrone, commissioned assistant Surgeon; John W. Lagrone, dead; Walter W. Lanham, John S. Lyon; Joshua McKie, discharged in 1861; John W. Mays, killed in battle at John's Island, July 5th, 1864; E. A. Mims, Abney Mims, R. F. Matthews, E. G. Morgan, D. F. McEwen, H. E. Mealing; James P. Moss, died of wounds received at Malvern Hill; E. V. Mobley; J. L. Nicholson, discharged; Serene Parkman, James G. Prim, James W. Quarles, James H. Ross, Samuel L. Roper, Hugh H. Scott; George W. Talbert, dead; James H. Taylor, killed in battle at John's Island; Mack Toney, N. D. Timmerman; T. W. Vaughan, died at home, sickness; M. B. Ward, transferred, dead; F. R. Warren.
Total from Edgefield rank and file, 103; killed in battle - all at John's Island, 7; died of wounds, 3; died of disease, 7; total, 17.
Total loss from Edgefield only one-sixth.

Source: REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 423 & pg. 496
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