How To Create A Story

You can create a story using the procedure detailed below.

1. Create a spreadsheet using Excel, Open Office Calc, or Google Docs to create your timeline.

Your spreadsheet should consist of 5 columns. You can download a spreadsheet template here.
Columa A - Comments
This column is for your own notes while editing / creating your story. It does not appear in the final published story timeline.
Column B - Event ID
This number is used by the system to link the icons, photos, maps, citations, and bibliography attached to an event. You can leave this blank while you are editing if you do not want to include these elements with your story. You will find this event ID when browsing the site contents. You may also download the Excel spreadsheet which contains the details on all 5,000 plus battles which occurred in the war. The spreadsheet is available in the Source Documents.
Column C - Page Name
This column should contain the page name of the page within this site in the format GROUP.PAGE or it may contain the URL of an external link on the WWW.
Column D - Date of the Event
This column is used by the system to organize your story timeline. It may optionally contain a short title or be left blank for an event which does not tie to a particular date.
Column E - Summary comments
This column may be used to provide a summary of the event, or personal notes which clarify or expand the event to which the story timeline links. It should be kept short as it will appear on the story timeline.

2. Add your story to the collection here at ResearchOnLine.

Go to the Stories and edit the page to add your story. You will be asked for a password when you click on the edit tab. If you have not already received a password, send an email to requesting one. Add your story / person name to the collection of stories under construction. It will remain here during your editing process. The edit should follow the format of the existing stories on the page.
[[Bass, William J | Bass, William J. - Mississippi 8th Infantry Regiment]]
Once you save the page your story name will appear with a ? beside it. Click on the name to go to the edit page for your story timeline. Switch windows to your spreadsheet and select columns B, C, D, and E) and Copy (CTRL C) them to the clipboard. Switch back to your edit screen here and paste (CTRL V) the contents of your spreadsheet. Then click on the Excel icon to the right of the Edit Toolbar. This will make the adjustments to your spreadsheet for the WIKI here on line. Click on Save to save and view your timeline.
You may return to Edit, delete the contents and paste again to update changes you have made to your spreadsheet. Once you have the elements just the way you want them you are ready to Publish your story.

3. Publish your story.

This process may only be run by an administrator. It takes your "under construction" story and finalizes it for publication. Send an email with your spreadsheet attached to when you are ready to publish. We will check your story for correct display of elements, publish it, and move your story from "Under Construction" to "Published".

If you have questions or need help with this process, send an email to or post the question on the mailing list.

Page last modified on July 01, 2013