Unit 14 I

West Virginia 7th Infantry Regiment

Company I

Bible/BilleJohn A.Greenland, W. Va.
BlackburnCorneliusGreenland, W. Va.
BuckbeeJohn H.Greenland, W. Va.
BuckbeePeterGreenland, W. Va.
Buckbee/BuckalawJesse M.Greenland, W. Va.
BurgessChristopher C. 
CherryhamesThomasGreenland, W. Va.
CoffmanAdamGreenland, W. Va.
CoffmanGeorgeGreenland, W. Va.
CoffmanSimeonGreenland, W. Va.
CollarsJacobGreenland, W. Va.
ConwayAlonzo M./N. 
CornellGeorge W.Greenland, W. Va.
CornellJeromeGreenland, W. Va.
CorrilloA. A. 
CosnerSamuel H.Greenland, W. Va.
DavisAaronGreenland, W. Va.
DavisEnochGreenland, W. Va.
DayAaronGreenland, W. Va.
DaytonJamesGreenland, W. Va.
Dettinburn/DittembumAugustusGreenland, W. Va.
DollyJamesGreenland, W. Va.
DollyJohn R.Greenland, W. Va.
ErantWilliamGreenland, W. Va.
EvansBenjaminGreenland, W. Va.
FunkHarrisonGreenland, W. Va.
GeorgeJames Jr. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
GeorgeJames Sr. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
GeorgeSolomonGreenland, W. Va.
GeorgeWilliamGreenland, W. Va.
GreyGeorgeGreenland, W. Va.
HarperJames D.Greenland, W. Va.
HarperJohnGreenland, W. Va.
HedrickGeorge W.Greenland, W. Va.
HelmickEnosGreenland, W. Va.
HelmickMathiasGreenland, W. Va.
HinkleAdamGreenland, W. Va.
HinkleGeorgeGreenland, W. Va.
HooverCainGreenland, W. Va.
Imon/ImenCornelius E.Greenland, W. Va.
JonesHenry C.Greenland, W. Va.
JonesMosesGreenland, W. Va.
JudyJacobGreenland, W. Va.
KesnerAlfredGreenland, W. Va.
KesnerChristopher C.Greenland, W. Va.
KesnerJacobGreenland, W. Va.
KesnerPendletonGreenland, W. Va.
KesnerVan BurenGreenland, W. Va.
KiserAbrahamGreenland, W. Va.
LandisMartinGreenland, W. Va.
LappinWellingtonStrasburg, Va.
LemonGeorge L.Greenland, W. Va.
LongWilliamGreenland, W. Va.
LoughGeorge Jr. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
LoughGeorge Sr. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
MallowAbraham W.Greenland, W. Va.
MallowDanielGreenland, W. Va.
MallowIsaac H.Greenland, W. Va.
MallowJacobGreenland, W. Va.
MallowMosesGreenland, W. Va.
MayDaniel/DavidGreenland, W. Va.
MayIsraelGreenland, W. Va.
MayJesseGreenland, W. Va.
MayJohn W.Greenland, W. Va.
MayPhilipGreenland, W. Va.
MillerGeorge (2)Greenland, W. Va.
MillerIsaacGreenland, W. Va.
MillerJohn H. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
MillerSamuel E. (3)Greenland, W. Va.
MillerThomas H. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
MoralAmosGreenland, W. Va.
MoralPhilipGreenland, W. Va.
MouseAdamGreenland, W. Va.
MoyersFelix/PhilipGreenland, W. Va.
MumbertJesseGreenland, W. Va.
Mungold/MongoldHenryGreenland, W. Va.
PowersIsaac L.Greenland, W. Va.
Rittenour/RittenhourMartin V.Greenland, W. Va.
RohrbaughIsaacGreenland, W. Va.
ShellD. C. M. (2) 
ShellDaniel (2)Greenland, W. Va.
ShellGilead M.Greenland, W. Va.
ShellJames M.Greenland, W. Va.
ShellJohn C. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
ShellJohn S. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
Shell/SheelJob W./V.Greenland, W. Va.
SimmonsHenryGreenland, W. Va.
SitesJacobGreenland, W. Va.
SniderJohn W. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
StofferJonathan E.Greenland, W. Va.
Stonebraker/StonebreakerHarrisonGreenland, W. Va.
StonestreetMartinGreenland, W. Va.
SummerfieldIsaacGreenland, W. Va.
TurnerJohn S. (2)Greenland, W. Va.
VanceJohn A.Greenland, W. Va.
VanceLeviGreenland, W. Va.
VanceReubenGreenland, W. Va.
VanmeterGeorge S.Greenland, W. Va.
VethJohn C.Greenland, W. Va.
WaldronHenryGreenland, W. Va.
WilfongJohnGreenland, W. Va.
YokumAdamGreenland, W. Va.

Source: West Virginia Civil War Soldiers Service Records. Eastern Digital Resources

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