The Civil War in South Carolina

Bibliography for South Carolina Research

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    Army Official Records. This 128 Volume Set is known also as The War of the Rebellion: A Compillation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. This set is widely available in libraries. Available on CD-ROM.

    The Boys of the Fifth Rigdon, John C. 1998. Augusta, GA. Eastern Digital Resources. This book is a regimental history of the Georgia Fifth Volunteer Infantry. Available in paperback & CD-ROM.

    Broken Fortunes Randolph W. Kirkland, Jr. The South Carolina Historical Society. 1995. This book contains the names and unit of service of 18,666 men of South Carolina who died in the Civil War.

    Compendium of the Confederate Armies - South Carolina and Georgia. Sifakis, Stewart. 1994. New York. Facts on File

    Confederate Deaths and Burials in the High Point North Carolina Hospital compiled by Raymond Wesley Watkins, - 6119 Beachwar Dr. - Falls Church, VA 22041, 1 DEC 1978 - unpublished typed manuscript. FHC Fiche # 6047135.

    Confederate Military History - Vol. 5. by Ellison Capers. This set was originally publised in the late 1800's in 12 volumes. Available on CD-ROM

    Data base of Confederate Graves in Aiken County, SC by William Bushall, Past Cdr. B/G Barnard E. Bee Camp #1575, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Unpublished. 07 APR 1997.

    The Edisto Rifles. Izlar, William Valmore. The State Company. 1914. Reprint 1998 by Eastern Digital Resources. Available in Paperback and CD-ROM

    The History of a Brigade of South Carolinians. J. F. J. Caldwell
    Philadephia, 1866. 245 pgs. no index. Reprint 1998 with index. Eastern Digital Resources. Available in paperback & CD-ROM

      This history covers the 5 regiments which made up the brigade known first as Gregg's then as McGowan's brigade.

        The 1st SC Volunteer Infantry - Greggs
        The Twelfth Volunteer Infantry
        The Thirteenth Volunteer Infantry
        The Fourteenth Volunteer Infantry
        Orr's Regiment of Rifles
      This is an excellent blow-by-blow account of the actions of this brigade, but it contains no rosters and losses of officers only listed by name.

    History of Edgefield County from the Earliest Settlements to 1897. Chapman, John A. Newberry, SC. A. H. Aul Co. 1897. Reprint 1998 Eastern Digital Resources. Available on CD-ROM.

    Manuscript Research Records on the CSA Service of the Todd and Amick Families of SC Plus Research Into the Records of Companies I and C of the 15th SCVI.
      Copy in the collections of the SC Historical Society.

    Memoirs of the War of the Secession. Hagood, Johnson. This book is divided into two parts. Part 1 covers the 1st (Hagood's) SC 12 month regiment. Part II covers Hagood's Brigade, which included the 11th, 21st, 25th, and 27th SC Regiments and the 7th SC Battalion.

    Military Bibliography of the Civil War. Dornbush, Charles Emil. New York. 1971. The New York Public Library.

    National Archives microfilm list of S.C. CSA dead, 1861-1865. (145 rolls, series M598.
      This microfilm made from Professor River's "Roll of Honor" which had been deposited in the National Archives in 1947 after being discovered in the vaults of a bank in Charleston, SC. The original document was returned to the SC Department of Archives and History in 1994.

    Ninety Years in Aiken County. Gasper Loren Toole,II. Self Pulished. No copyright. No date. Reprint 1998. Available in Paperback $45.00.

    Old and New Columbia. Williams, J. F.

    Paths to the Past
      Confederate death and burial lists compiled in a number of bound pamphlets by the Lauderdale County (Mississippi) Dept. of Archives and History. Copies in the collections of the SC Historical Society (Charleston, SC).

    Record of Deaths in Columbia, South Carolina and elsewhere as recorded by John Glass 1859-1877 by Brent Howard Holcomb Certified Genealogist.

    Regimental Publications and Personal Narratives of the Civil War: A Checklist. Dornbush, Charles E. New York. 1961. The New York Public Library.

    Relic of the Lost Cause Lesser, Charles H.; Rev. 1996. SC Dept. of Archives and History.

    Rivers Account of the Raising of Troops in South Carolina for State and Confederate Service. Rivers, Col. William J. Columbia. The Bryan Printing Co. 1909. Reprint 1998 by Eastern Digital Resources. Available in Paperback & CD-ROM

    Col. Rivers was commissioned by the State of SC in 1862 to begin compiling a Roll of the Dead. He began that work during the war based on newspaper accounts, letters from survivors and personal knowledge of the battles. After the war he continued compiling this Roll even though the state never paid any of his expenses. Compilation continued up until his death about 1890. After his death, the state paid a couple of ladies to compile and transcribe Col. Rivers' notes and this transcription is the basis of the book. The book was made from originals of the transcriptions. The work was stopped and restarted at least twice because of apparent errors, but at this point it's all we really have to work from. Broken Fortunes - the new book from the State Historical Society corrects and corroborates some of River's notes. As far as I know the original notes have been lost.

    Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia Henderson, Lillian. This 6 volume set was originally published for the State of Georgia. Available on CD-ROM.

    The Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, S.C. Simms, William Gillmore. Power Press of Daily Phoenix, Columbia, SC. 1865. 106 pgs. Reprint with new index and annotations 1999. Eastern Digital Resources Available in paperback.

    South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, Vol. I
    Salley, A. S. The State Co., Columbia, SC 1913. No Copyright. This volume covers the 3 regiments known as the First Infantry Regiment (Butler's, Gregg's, Hagood's). It includes brief regimental histories, rosters of the various companies, and compiled service records of the members. A total of 4,542 men are detailed. Reprint 1998 Eastern Digital Resources. Available on CD-ROM.

    South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, Vol. II
    Salley, A. S. The State Co., Columbia, SC 1930. No Copyright. This volume covers the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th infantry regiments.

    South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, Vol. III
    Salley, A. S. The State Co., Columbia, SC 1930. No Copyright. This volume covers the 5th Infantry Regiment. Available on CD-ROM

    A Sketch of the Charleston Light Dragoons From the Earliest Formation of the Corps. Wells, Edward L. This book traces the steps of the "Drags" through the Civil War from its organization in the spring of 1862 to the surrender at Bentonville, NC. The book was originally written by Edward L. Wells, historian for the unit in 1888 and reprinted in 1997. Available in Paperback

    Units of the Confederate States Army. Crute, Joseph H. Jr. Midlothian, VA: Derwent Books, 1987.

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