SC 14th Infantry Regiment


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    Sidney advised his wife in Darlington County, South Carollina on a whole range of farm problems. There was trouble with the overseer; a need to discipline the slaves (he said the slaves needed to be whipped and talked of selling them, but later said to tell them "Howdy"); the difficulty of obtaining salt (he said she would have to beg for credit if necessary); and there were debts that needed to be paid, and new crops to be planted. He told her to sell the cotton for whatever she could get for it and plant corn and potatoes. Contains little about his regiment's battles.

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The U. S. Military History Institute Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit.

The following manuscripts may be found in the US Military History Institute Archives:

Boatwright, James - BrakeColl (Capt's biog sketch)
Perrin, Abner - BrakeColl (COL's letter to Gov Bonham, Jul 29, 1863)
Wardlaw, A.B. - CWMiscColl (Enlisted man's letters, Mar 12, 1862-Feb 5, 1865; Diary, Sep 13, 1862-Sep 24, 1862)

Researching South Carolina?
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Chapman, John A.
A History of Edgefield County

Rigdon, John C. - The Civil War in South Carolina  
Rigdon, John C. - The South Carolina Civil War Soldiers Index  
Rivers, Col. William J. - Rivers Account of the Raising of the Troops for State and Confederate Service
Capers, Major Ellison. - Confederate Military History - South Carolina Volume - 705 pgs.


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