South Carolina
1st Infantry Regiment


The following were known as 1st Infantry units from South Carolina. Since there were several groups who laid claim to this name, and several of the available books and articles deal with multiple units, I have grouped them all here on one page.

      1st (Butler's) Infantry Regiment
      1st (Gregg's) Infantry Regiment
      1st (Hagood's) Infantry Regiment
      1st (McCreary's) Infantry (1st Provisional Army)
      1st (Orr's Rifles) (Infantry)
      1st Battalion, Sharp Shooters (Infantry)
      1st Charleston Battalion Infantry (Gaillard's Battalion)
      1st Regiment Charleston Guard (Infantry)

The following books and articles are available for researching the 1st SC Infantry Regiment (Butler's)

Crute, Joseph H., Jr. Units of the Confederate States Army. Midlothian, VA: Derwent Books, 1987. Ref. See pp. 247?48 (2 photocopied pages) for a concise summary of the regiment's service.

Confederate Military History, Extended Edition. Vol. 6: South Carolina. Powder Springs, GA. Eastern Digital Resources. 1998. 931 p. E484C65.1987v6. Contains numerous, scattered references to South Carolina units.

Daniel, Larry J.: Cannoneers in Gray: The Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee (Alabama Fire Ant).

Horres, C. J.; Charleston's Civil War Monster Guns," The Blakely Rifles South Carolina Historical Magazine, April 1996, pp. 115-138. An intriguing technical article with illustrations on the 12.25 diameter British Made Blakely rifles mounted in Charleston for the defense of the city. Some of the most sophisticated large guns of their day, these rifles had the longest range of any weapon, Federal or Confederate, used at Charleston.

Huguenin, Thomas Abram. The Journal of Thomas Abram Huguenin. Clearwater, SC Eastern Digital Resources 2003. 114 pgs. Huguenin was a captain of Company A of the 1st Infantry Regiment (Butlerís) and the last Confederate Commander of Fort Sumter.

Inglesby, Charles. Historical Sketch of the First Regiment of South Carolina Artillery (Regulars).

Johnson, John: The Defense of Charleston Harbor.

Manigalt, Edward; Siege Train, University of South Carolina Press (Library Society of Charleston) Columbia, SC 1986, ISBN# 0-87249-491-8. An account of Manigalt's units actions defending the S.C. Coast. Most of the coastal cavalry was ordered to other districts due to war needs, leaving artillery units to scout and defend the inner coast and protect the Atlantic Coast Rail Line. Good technical discussions of the performance of various types of artillery and tactics in an environment giving unusual independence to artillery operations.

Powe, James H.: Reminiscences and Sketches of Confederate Times, 1909

Rigdon, John C. Historical Sketch and Roster of the SC 1st Infantry Regiment (Butler's). Powder Springs, GA. Eastern Digital Resources. 2004. 379 pgs.

Salley, Alexander Samuel South Carolina troops in Confederate Service Vol. 1.Columbia, State Co. (I. R. L. Bryan Co.) 1913 - 30 3 vols. Volume 1 is 738 pages and contains 1st regiment S. C. infantry (regulars); 1st (Gregg's) regiment S. C. V. & 1st (Hagood's) regiment S. C. V.

A copy of this first volume may be found in the Library of Congress and the Columbiana Library in Columbia, SC. Vols. 2 & 3 are in the University of South Carolina Library. They cover the 2nd through the 5th regiments. Overall some 12,000 men are listed with their service record and regimental history sketches. Sifakis, Stewart. Compendium of the Confederate Armies: South Carolina.... Baltimore, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2003. pp. 56-57 (2 photocopied pages). E577S53.1995. (Unit organizational history). Wise, Jennings: The Long Arm of Lee.

U.D.C.:Recollections and Reminiscences 1861-65:


Butler, Colonel, W.P. Butler, First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 6, page 258, U.D.C.
Carraway, J.A.M. Carraway, First, S.C. Artillery, PSS, Vol. 7, page 179, U.D.C.
Childs, J.W. Co. G, First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 3, page 210
Cooner, J.W. First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 2, page 541
Conner, J.W, First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 2, page 303
Funderburk, E.B.C. Funderburk, First South Carolina Artillery, Vol. 9, page 586, U.D.C.
Funderburk, H.W., Co. A, First Butlerís, Vol 3, page 500
Funderburk, Henry W. Funderburk, First South Carolina Artillery, Vol. 9, page 589, U.D.C.
Jenkins, Willie Jenkins, First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 6, page 234, U.D.C.
Kirkland, Warren, Co A, First SC Artillery, Vol. 2, page 525
Oliver, A.R. Oliver, Twenty-First SCV, Vol. 7, page 191
Owen, H.C. Owen, Butlerís First Artillery, Vol. 7, page 254 U.D.C.
Owen, W.H. Owen, Butlerís First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 7, page 251, U.D.C.
Player, J.H. Player, First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 7, page 177, U.D.C.
Reeves, J.A., First S.C. Artillery, Company C, Vol. 6, page 49, UDC
Reid, G.H. Reid, Ninth SCV, Gardenís Battery, Palmetto Battery, Vol. 7, page 177, U.D.C.
Sweat, John Robert Sweat, First South Carolina Artillery, Vol. 9, page 584, U.D.C.
Wagner, T.M., 1st S.C. Artillery, Vol. 3, page 307
Wardlaw, J.L. Wardlaw, First S.C. Artillery, Vol. 7, page 202, U.D.C. (Good Account)
Whitaker, J.N. Company I, First SC Artillery, Hamiltonís Provost Company, Vol. 6, page 80 UDC

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Capers, Major Ellison. - Confederate Military History - South Carolina Volume - 705 pgs.


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