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In Colonel J. P. Thomas’ History of the South Carolina Military Academy, I find the name of J. A. Crooker, from Edgefield, as a graduate in 1850; Civil Engineer; Adjutant Twenty-second South Carolina Volunteers in 1862; Lieutenant Twenty-seventh South Carolina Volunteers in 1863, in what company is not stated. He was not, however, in either Company F or B; or if he was he is not so marked as from Edgefield.

E. J. Walker, from Edgefield, granduated in 1851; lawyer in Georgia; Captain Georgia Volunteers in 1861; Colonel of Georgia Regiment, and was severely wounded at Manassas Gap in 1863.

E. Croft, Edgefield, graduated in 1856; planter in Edgefield District; Captain in Fourteenth Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, 1861; in battles around Richmond and Fredericksburg, and skirmishes; severely wounded at battle of Cold Harbor; promoted Major; severely wounded at battle of Gettysburg; promoted Lieutenant Colonel Fourteenth Regiment. After the war lawyer at Greenville Court House; Trial Justice; member of Board of Visitors South Carolina Military Academy; died in 1892.

A. J. Norris, Edgefield, graduated with distinction in 1860; Instructor in Cidadel Academy, resigned April, 1861; Captain Confederate States Army 1861, resigned December, 1862; Professor Belles Letters and History, A. A., and Second Lieutenant Battalion Cadets. After the war lawyer at Edgefield; President of the Bank; President of the Factory.

P. S. Norris, graduated with distinction in 1864; Lieutenant and Assistant Professor in Hillsboro Military Academy, N. C.; merchant in 1872; died in 1874.

J. H. Bouknight, graduated in 1865; farmer.

O. Sheppard, graduated in 1865; lawyer.

T. G. Croft, cadetship from 1862 to 1865; University of Virginia 1866-67; in business in Georgia 1867-73; physician 1875-92, established at Aiken with a lucrative practice.

P. N. Zimmerman, graduated in 1886; farmer.

J. W. Outz, graduated in 1886; Civil Engineer and contractor; Chief Engineer Atlanta Iron and Steel Company.

J. H. Brooks, graduated in 1886; with the maintenance of Way Department of the A. & C. Division of the R. & D. R. R.

B. L. Clark, graduated with distinction in 1888; Civil Engineer; died in 1891.

B. S. Cogsburn, graduated in 1890; Principal of Long Branch School, Edgefield County.

A. G. Etheredge, graduated in 1892; teacher.

A very interesting chapter might be given here of the services of the cadets of the Military Academy during the War of Secession, butthat chapter belongs to the general history of the State, and it is perhaps enough to insert here what Major J. B. White says, closing his report of the operations of the Battalion of State Cadets from November, 1864, to April, 1865:

"I regret to report the deaths of the following cadets, all of whom died from diseases induced bythe exposure and hardship of service, viz.: R. F. Nichols and John Culbreath, Company A, [Culbreath was from Edgefield]; G. O. Buck, T. A. Johnson, and R. Noble, of Company B." John Culbreath died at home.

James Y. Culbreath, now a lawyer at Newberry, brother to John, was at time also a cadet in the Academy, and was several times sent as a guard with prisoners to Andersonville.

Major White thus closes: "I would take this opportunity to express my obligations to the officers under my command for the zeal, ability, and alacrity with which they discharged their duties, nor can I fail to call your attention to those young but noble sons of our beloved State, the Cadets of the Military Academy of South Carolina. Upon the battlefield, in camp, on the march, on picket, or working upon defences, they were ready for every emergency, manifesting at all times, and under the most trying circumstances, a manly and soldierly aspect, not finding fault with those in authority, but doing their duty cheerfully and well."

Colonel Thomas supplements the report of Major White with an account of the services of the cadets from the beginning of the war to the close - services honorable to themselves, to the Academy, and to the State. Mention has been made here, if we mistake not, of all the officers, graduates, and cadets who were from Edgefield. Less I could not do, and more is beyond the scope of this work.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 423 & pg. 496

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