The South Carolina Secessionist
The Sack and Destruction of Columbia, SC

The list of names below is excerpted from The Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, SC by William Gillmore Simms. This book details the burning and destruction of Columbia, SC. It was written in 1865 as an account for laying claims against the U.S. Govt. for the private property which was destroyed.

The names below are taken from the detailed accounts of property and personal belongings destroyed by Sherman and his men. Details in the book show lists of property, address where the people lived in Columbia, occupations, and other household inhabitants.

Adams, ?
Agnew, C.
Anderson, R. C.
Ashotn, W.
Bahlman, J.
Bank of Charleston
Banning, F. D.
Barnes, A. J.
Barry, J.
Beard, John
Beck, C.
Beck, C.
Berry, M. H.
Blank, J.
Blankenstein, J.
Blum, L.
Boney, A. ; Boyne & Sprowl
Brennan, M. P.
Brown, James
Browne, J. J.
Bruns & Eilhardt
Bryce, R.
Burnside, J.
Caldwell, R.
Carroll, C.
Cartwright, Mrs.
Cathcart, James
Chambers, P. P.
Childs, L. D.
Civil, A.
Clarke, L. C.
Cohen, Isaac
Cohen, J. J.
Comerford , M.
Cooper, Mrs. M. S.
Crawford, A. ; Crawford, James
Davis, Henry
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas
DuRoss, Mrs.
Egg, E.
Ehrlich, M.
Evans & Cogswell
Evans, Miss
Farmers & Exchange Bank
Fillette, Madame A.
Fisher & Heinitsh
Flanigan, P. H.
Flanigan, R.
Flanigan, T.
Franck, H. C.
Frank. Miss K.
Gaither, J. W.
Gardner, S.
Gardner, S.
Goldstein, D.
Grieshaber & Wolfe
Heidt, V.
Hennies, William
Henrichson, J.
Hertwig, Mrs.
Hess., H.
Hope, E.
Hope, G. D.
Hospen & Sutphen
Hucket, Mr.
Hunt, Henry
J. Fraser & Co.
J. S. Bird & Co.,
Jacobs, David
Jacobs, F. A.
Jacobs, F. C.
Jacobs, Mrs. D.
Jacobs, Mrs. J.
John Judge & Co.
Jones, A.
Keatinge & Ball
Kennedy, Dr. A. W.
Kennedy, J. R.
Kennedy, James A.
Kenneth. J. C.
Kinsler, J. J.
Kinsler, John J.
Kinsler, Mrs. J. J.
Kirk, Mrs.
Koepper, A.
Kraft, Goldsmith & Kraft
Law, Mrs.
Lewis, R.
Lyles, William
Lynch, Bishop
Marks, Dr. F.
Mason, John
Mathews, S.
McAlister, W.
McCully, John
McElrone, M.
McGowan, H. N.
McGregor, P. G.
McGussis, W.
McKenzie, John
Mendal, J.
Moise, T. J.
Mutual Supply Association
Norman, C.
Nunamaker, G. B.
O'Connell, M.
O'Neale, R.
Pape, P.
Patterson, Mrs. P.
Patton, J. A.
Pearse, S.
Poindexter, J. W.
Ponsignon, ?
Price, William
Purse, W. W.
Rawls, John
Reckling, A.
Reckling, H.
Riley, A.
Roach, Dr. T. J.
Rutjes, Madame
Sampson, Joseph
Schwarts, P.
Scott, H. E.
Seegers, John
Sessford, W. K.
Silcox, Bro. & Co.
Sill & Sill
Smith, George
Solomons, Dr.,
South Western Railroad Bank
Southern Express Company
Speck, Mrs. D. C.
St. Mary's College
Stenhouse, E.
Stieglitz, W.
Swaffield, R. ;
Tarrar, James
Thomer, M.
Thompson, N.
Traeger, A.
Ursuline Convent & Academy
Veal, John
Walter, W. T.
Wineman, P.
Zernow, Mrs.

REF: Simms - Sack & Destruction of the City of Columbia, S.C.

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