South Carolina in the Civil War

Colonel Rhyden Grigsby

General William Butler had another aunt, Susan Butler, who married Enoch Grigsby. Mr. Grigsby lived near Mount Willing on the plantation occupied in 1891 by Dr. Unger. He left one son, Colonel Rhyden Grigsby, and four daughters. One of these daughters married Captain Jonathan Wever; one General Samuel Mays, of Big Saluda; one Lod Hill, who lived near Richardsonville in the Revolution; Thomas Butler, a brother of General Butler, married another. Lod Hill left two sons, Theophilus and Henry; and a daughter, who married Captain Bryant Dean, the father of Colonel A. B. Dean and Captain Theophilus Dean. Henry Hill was the father of Dr. Lovett Hill, of Ward, and the grandfather of John B. Hill, School Commissioner in 1891. Did he not also have a son named James? Theophilus Hill was the father of Lod Hill and Johnston; Dr. Walter Hill, of the court house; James R. Hill, of Richardsonville; Ben Hill, Dysonís; and a son Thomas, who was killed in the War of Secession. Captain Offie Dean, just mentioned, was living in 1891 at Mount Enon, in the house built by Dr. J. C. Ready. Many years ago Captain Dean was tax collector for the District, and may also have held other positions.

Colonel Rhyden Grigsby and Colonel Simpson Wilson married sisters, the Misses Manning. Their brother, Luke, a very celebrated character in his day, is said to have killed three men in South Carolina, for which he was tried and found guilty of murder, but was reprieved each time. He finally went to Alabama, and there having killed a man, he was tried, found guilty of murder, and suffered the extreme penalty of the law. Colonel Grigsby died of consumption and his sons removed to Alabama. A Mr. Herbert, and John and Thomas Waters married his daughters.

REF:History of Edgefield County - John Chapman pg. 174

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