Timeline of Events

January 11, 1861
The Charleston Mercury


A company of Minute Men from Abbeville District arrived in this city on Wednesday night. They number one hundred men, and are as fine a looking body as any that can be raised. For the information of the Tribune and papers of that ilk, we state that ten members of this company took the first honor in the South Carolina College. The company is made up of the best material. Their uniform is a red frock and dark pants. The following is a list of their officers: Captain, J.M. PERRIN; First Lieutenant, A.M. SMITH; Second Lieutenant, J.G. EDWARDS, Third LIeutenant, A.J. LYTHGOE.

The Monticello Volunteers, from Fairfield District, also passed down yesterday. It is also a strong body of fine looking men, and officered as follows: Captain, J.B. DAVIS; Lieutenants J.T. DAWKINS, W.J. DAWKINS, R.J. KELLY.

In Newberry, in the 28th regiment, on Saturday, the two companies were made up; in one of the battalions not 20 men were left when the call was made.

In Clarendon, on Saturday, the call for volunteers was responded to by one company of 88, and one of 80, promptly marching out from the body of the regiment.

REF: The Charleston Mercury 11 JAN 1861.


The Civil War in South Carolina