The Civil War in South Carolina

South Carolina Civil War Soldiers Index

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The index below lists the names and unit of service of 132,000 men from South Carolina. This represents somewhat more than the number of men who served because a name will be listed multiple times if the man changed units during the war or if one reference contains initials only or an alternate spelling of the name which has not been resolved.

The South Carolina Roll of Honor lists the names of 18,666 men who died in the war. This list is considered to be essentially complete.

???, William ~ Adams, Joel R.
Adams, Joel R. ~ Aiton, P.R.
Aiton, R.S. ~ Allen, G.
Allen, G. ~ Amadei, Antonio
Amadia, Antonio ~ Anderson, Mike(michael
Anderson, Miles ~ Argro, H.E.
ARIAIL, J. M. Dr. ~ Askins, John
Askins, R.E. ~ Avin, J.R.
Avin, James ~ Bailey, Jonas
Bailey, Jonathan L. ~ Ball, James
Ball, John ~ Barker, G.B.
Barrett, J. ~ BASS, Wade H
Bass, Wade H. ~ Beam, J.F.
Beam, J.W.G. ~ Bee, W.E.
BEE, William Foster ~ Benenhailey, F.
Benenhailey, H. ~ Berton, Timothy
Berton, W.J.N. ~ Bishop, H.M.
Bishop, H.M. ~ Blackwell, T.J.
Blackwell, T.L. ~ Boalt, W.T.
Boan, A.A. ~ Bolmon, John W.
Bolmond, John W. ~ Borrous, Thomas
Borrows, F. ~ Bowie, Jr., Langdon
Bowie, Jr., Langdon ~ Bozeman, T.D.
Bozeman, Tolaver L. ~ Brandt, Louis H.
Brandt, P.V. ~ Brevard, Alfred
Breverton, D. ~ BRISTOW, W.J.
Bristow, Wiley J. ~ BROOME, G. E.
BROOME, G. W. ~ Brown, J.S.
Brown, J.T. ~ Brown, William D.
Brown, William D. ~ Bryan, Robert
BRYAN, T H ~ Bullard, P.B.D.
BULLARD, W. R. ~ Burke, M.
Burke, M.R. ~ Burrows, J.
Burrows, J.A. ~ BUTLER, W.
Butler, W.C. ~ Calais, W.J.
Calames, J.M. ~ Cameron, G.S.
Cameron, G.V. ~ Cann, W.C.
Cannada, John J. ~ Carlton, T. J.
CARLTON, W. P. ~ Carson, Joseph
Carson, L.W. ~ CASEY, J T
Casey, J.H. ~ CAUTHEN, John T.
CAUTHEN, Joseph D. ~ Chapman, Calvin
Chapman, Carter J. ~ Chesnut, J.C.
Chesnut, John ~ Clardy, Reuben
Clardy, Thomas ~ Clayton, Jesse J.
Clayton, Jesse M. ~ Cobb, James M.
Cobb, James W. ~ Colcock, T. H.
Colcock, T. H. ~ Collins, James
Collins, James ~ Connerly, W.P.
CONNERS, C. C. ~ Cooler, James
Cooler, John ~ Corcoran, J. M.
Corcoran, J. T. ~ Counts, Jepthia C.
Counts, John A. ~ Cox, W. H.
Cox, W. H. ~ Crawford, Robert N.
Crawford, Robert Westly ~ Croley, D.
Croley, D. ~ Crower, H.M.
Crowland, F. ~ Cunningham, Robert W.
Cunningham, S.A.L. ~ Daniel, William
DANIEL, Wm ~ Davidson, S.L.
Davidson, S.L. ~ DAVIS, Marshall
Davis, Marshall ~ Dealy, T.J.
DEAN, A B ~ Dempsey, C. R.
Dempsey, D. R. ~ Dial, Jacob
Dial, John ~ Divver, William
Divver, Y. H. ~ Doolittle, L.B.
Doolittle, W.S. ~ Dowling, W. W.
Dowling, William H. ~ DuBose, E. P.
Dubose, Edward P. ~ Duncan, Miles
Duncan, O. ~ Durbec, F. E.
Durcks, George ~ Easterling, A.B.
EASTERLING, A.G ~ Edwards, M. Benjamin
Edwards, M.H. ~ Ellis, Edmund E.
Ellis, Edward ~ Entriken, W.M.
Entrikin, H.G. ~ EVANS, C.D
Evans, C.D. ~ Falkner, William W.
Fallam, G.W. ~ Faulkner, James R.
Faulkner, John W. ~ Ferguson, James G.
Ferguson, James T. ~ Finley, W. Washington
FINLEY, W.M ~ Flowers, J. N.
Flowers, J. W. ~ Ford, Benjamin F.
Ford, C. P. ~ FOUNTAINE, Jesse M
FOURCHER, James ~ Fraser, B. W.
Fraser, Benjamin B. ~ FRISK, J
Frith, B. G. ~ Furze, G. C.
Furze, George ~ Gantt, J.E.
Gantt, J.E. ~ GARRIS, E. J.
GARRIS, E. J. ~ Gault, Joseph G.
Gault, Lemuel ~ Gianoples, J.F.
Gibbens, J.D. ~ Giles, M.O.
Giles, Robert B. ~ GLANTON, Lewis
Glanton, Patrick H. ~ Goff, Fletcher
Goff, H. ~ Goodwin, S.R.
Goodwin, Samuel ~ Gradie, Jesse
Gradon, John ~ Gravatt, Z.V.
Graveley, Joseph ~ Green, T.J.
Green, T.J. ~ Grier, G.C.
Grier, J. Livingston ~ Groin, William
Groms, J. ~ Gunter, Macomb
Gunter, Macon ~ Hair, F.N.
Hair, Furman ~ HALLMAN, Martin
Hallman, Martin ~ Hammett, J.M.
Hammett, J.M. ~ Hanneke, L.
Hannemann, ~ Harley, Peter
Harley, Preston ~ Harrigal, C.
Harrigal, Joseph ~ Harriss, Jesse N.
Harriss, W.A.J. ~ HASELL, Nathaniel Ingraham
Hasell, Thomas R. ~ HAY, W A
Hay, W.A. ~ Hearston, T.B.
Hearston, Thomas ~ Henderson, M.
Henderson, M. ~ Hepp, F.
Heraldson, J.W. ~ Heyward, J.S.
Heyward, James Barnwell ~ Hill, Levi
Hill, Lewis ~ HITCHCOCK, Thomas
Hitchcock, William ~ HOLBROOK, A.
Holbrook, Elam H. ~ Holloway, R.Pickens
Holloway, S. ~ Hoopaugh, W. A.
Hooper, E. M. M. ~ Hough, William
Houghston, D. F. ~ Howle, Thomas E.
Howle, Thomas Epaphroditus ~ HUGGINS, George W.
HUGGINS, H.L ~ Humphries, J. B.
Humphries, J. H. ~ Hussung, C. H.
Hustess, Elly ~ Hyers, J. A.
Hyers, Joseph McB. ~ Ivy, Levi
Ivy, Levi ~ Jacobs, David
Jacobs, David ~ Jayne, W.M.
Jaynes, Moses ~ Jerrett, Wilson
Jervey, G.C. ~ Johnson, H.D.
Johnson, H.D. ~ Johnson, W.M.
Johnson, W.M. ~ Jones, E.W.
Jones, E.W. ~ Jones, W.G.
Jones, W.G. ~ Joyner, Nelson
Joyner, Nelson ~ Keesler, Gideon
Keesler, Gideon ~ Kelly, W.A
Kelly, W.D ~ Kent, J.L
KENT, J.W. ~ Kinard, A.L.C
Kinard, A.L.C ~ Kirby, D.P
Kirby, Daniel ~ Knight, J.A
Knight, J.A ~ LAGRONE, J W
LaGrone, J. S. ~ Lanford, P.
Lanford, Robert ~ Lathrop, G.D.
Lathrop, George A. ~ Leak, W. C.
Leak, W. C. ~ Legare, Thomas K.
Legare, Thomas K. ~ Leverett, John B.
Leverett, M. M. ~ Lindler, S. G.
Lindler, S. P. ~ Livan, George
Livans, George ~ Long, A. A.
LONG, A. F. ~ Lovelace, William P.
LOVELAND, John L. ~ Lucy, William L. D.
Ludeiker, W. ~ Machen, Thomas
Machie, Wm. ~ Malloy, George A.
Malloy, George ~ Marlow, John W. R.
Marlow, K. H. ~ Martin, Jasper R.
Martin, Jeremiah ~ Massey, R. N.
Massey, R. N. ~ Maugra, John
Mauker, Franklin ~ McAlhany, J. G. W.
McAlhany, J. W. ~ MCCARTER, Samuel L.
McCarter, Samuel ~ MCCLURE, John R
McClure, John R. ~ McCreary, A.
MCCREARY, C. W. ~ McDonald, C.
MCDONALD, D J. ~ McFadden, William L.
McFadden, William ~ McIlwain, W. J.
McIlwain, William T. ~ McKie, T. J.
McKie, T. J. ~ McLendon, T. J.
McLendon, Thomas J. ~ McNeel, L.G.
McNeel, S.W. ~ MEAGHER, John
MEAGHER, John ~ Merrill, John
Merriman, B. ~ Miles, R. A.
Miles, R. A. ~ Miller, T. R.
Miller, T. S. ~ Minnus, J. A.
MINOR, B L ~ Mobley, Robert L.
Mobley, Robert ~ Moor, J.J.
Moor, J.M. ~ Moore, W.B.
Moore, W.C. ~ Morris, H.M.
Morris, H.R. ~ Moss, James P.
Moss, James ~ Mungo, William
Munjenmeyer, C.A. ~ MURRELL, G W
Murrell, George W. ~ Neaufoille, W. J.
Neaux, William D. ~ Nettles, William
Nettles, William ~ Nicolls, J.W.
Nicolls, William ~ Norton, T. H.
Norton, Thomas ~ Odam, J. H.
Odam, J. P. ~ Osborn, W.F.
Osborn, W.K. ~ Owens, H. Y.
Owens, H. Young ~ Pagan, Robert A.
Pagan, Robert ~ Parker, J.R.
Parker, J.W. ~ Pate, Willis
Paterick, E. ~ Pearson, P.A.
Pearson, P.P. ~ PERRIN, Abner
Perrin, James M. ~ Phillips, Claborn
Phillips, D. ~ Pinson, Eber
Pinson, Elijah M. ~ Poe, Joseph Taylor
Poe, William ~ Porter, E.J.
Porter, E.J. ~ Powell, William
Powell, William ~ Price, Joseph
Price, Joseph ~ Puckett, Wade H.
Puckett, William A. ~ Quinton, J.N.
Quinton, James ~ Ramsey, A.W.
RAMSEY, Abraham ~ Ray, Daniel
Ray, Duncan W. ~ Reed, Albert
Reed, B.P. ~ Renel, J.W.
Renelds, E.B. ~ Rice, Ibzan L.
RICE, J W ~ Riddle, Berry
Riddle, Berry ~ Ritchey, William M.
Ritchie, A. ~ Roberts, John
Roberts, John ~ Robinson, J.B.
Robinson, J.B. ~ RODGERS, Mammie
Rodgers, Marion D. ~ Rollings, R.J.
ROLLINGS, Robert A. ~ Roundtree, W.D.
Roundtree, W.D. ~ Rush, A.W.
Rush, A.W. ~ Sahlmann, Luder
Sahlmon, C. ~ Sanders, W.A.
Sanders, W.B. ~ Sawyer, James A.
Sawyer, James P. ~ SCOTT, Edward W.
Scott, Edward W. ~ Seawright, S.
Seawright, S. ~ Sexton, James
Sexton, John B. ~ Shealy, J. A.
Shealy, J. D. ~ Shields, M. L.
Shields, M. S. ~ Shurley, E. P.
Shurley, P. P. ~ SIMPSON, R. F.
Simpson, R. W. ~ Skipper, William M.
Skipper, William ~ SMITH, C.
Smith, C. ~ Smith, J.T.
Smith, J.W. ~ Smith, Richard W.
Smith, Richard W. ~ Smock, Andrew
Smoke, A. W. ~ Sowell, William H.
Sowin, J. ~ Sprague, W.B.
Spraller, Ed E. ~ Stanton, E.G.
Stanton, H.A. ~ Stephens, John R.
STEPHENS, John ~ Stewart, R.P.
Stewart, R.S. ~ Stone, John
Stone, Johnson ~ Strobel, D.C.
Strobel, D.C. ~ STYRAN, Charles T
Styres, John ~ Swearingen, John Whitfield
Swearingen, John ~ Tarrh, M.G.
Tarris, Hazel ~ Taylor, William
Taylor, William ~ Thomas, A.
Thomas, A. ~ Thompkins, John
Thompkins, Kinnis M. ~ Threatt, H.A.
Threatt, Hiram ~ Tinsly, George
Tinsly, W.T. ~ Towlen, W.H.
Towles, E.R. ~ Truett, J.D.
Truett, James A. ~ Turner, John D.
Turner, John F. ~ USHER, Samuel
Usry, W.D. ~ Vaughn, V.T.
VAUGHN, W. J. ~ Wadford, Green
Wadford, H.G. ~ Walker, Milton
Walker, N. ~ Walters, Calbert
Walters, Evan ~ Weatherby, S.
Weatherford, Arthur O ~ Weidner, Isaac
Weigman, A. ~ Wessinger, J.A.
Wessinger, J.D. ~ Whisenant, Perry
Whisenhunt, ~ White, William
WHITE, William ~ Wiggans, C.W.
Wiggans, E.J. ~ Willbanks, H.
Willbanks, J.S. ~ WILLIAMS, James
Williams, James ~ Williamson, M.
WILLIAMSON, Margaret ~ Wilson, J. N.
Wilson, J. N. ~ Wineman, P.
Winestock, Moses ~ Witsell, E.
Witsell, Emanuel ~ Woods, Robert L.
Woods, Robert ~ Wright, J. W.
Wright, J. W. ~ Yearwood, Anderson
YEARWOOD, Anderson ~ Zacharias, D.
Zahla, J. G. ~ Zylstra, John

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