South Carolina in the Civil War

Captain Robert Meriwether

After passing out of the hands of the Andersons, this mill property fell into the hands of Captain Robt. Meriwether, a member of another quite prominent family, which figures in the history of Georgia, as well as in that of this State. He it was that gave material aid in establishing a school at Curryton, a village five miles from the mill, and named in honor of Joel Curry, who donated the lands, and otherwise aided in establishing two academies, male and female, the former under the management of a distinguished teacher, James Leslie.

This Captain Meriwether, when quite young, went as a soldier to the Seminole War, and after his return established himself as a successful planter in Martinstown, whence he removed to the Ware place in the fork, only going to Curryton to educate his children and build up a school. In company with Dr. Hugh A. Shaw, who was another founder and trustee of the Curryton Schools, and a popular and successful practitioner of medicine in that community, he remodeled and rebuilt the Anderson mill at considerable cost, but which still stands as a work of the energy, enterprise, and industry of these two men.

While writing of Captain Meriwether, it may be mentioned that he was the first who raised a company and went to Charleston after Secession and aided with Gregg's regiment, of which his company formed a part, in the reduction of Fort Sumter. He afterwards went to Virginia with that famous regiment, and returned home after the expiration of the term of enlistment (six months) to form another company. Later on he re-entered the service and surrendered as Major of the Reserves.

Mortified at defeat, he resolved never to pay tribute to the victors; he sold out his possessions and with his family sailed to Brazil, where he, at last accounts, was still living, and engaged with his sons in coffee growing.

REF:History of Edgefield County - John Chapman pg. 200

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