Denny Company
C. S. A.

This company was from the lower Battalion, Tenth Regiment, South Carolina Militia:

Captain Denny was too old for active service; in a short time he resigned. His company was too large and was divided into two. Company M Seventh Regiment, E. J. Goggans, Captain, and Company E of the Seventh Regiment, James Mitchell; Captain.

Broken Fortunes lists these men in the respective companies identified above.


David Denny, Captain; Thomas L. Smith, First Lieutenant; W. A. Rutland, Second Lieutenant; E. J. Goggans, Third Lieutenant; A. S. Dozier, First Sergeant; J. R. Bouknight, Second Sergeant; J. C. McCelvy, Third Sergeant; Marshal Lott, Fourth Sergeant; B. B. Duke, Fifth Sergeant; James Mitchell, First Corporal; James M. Daniel, Second Corporal; Pinkney Bouknight, Third Corporal; David Padgett; Fourth Corporal; M. W. Coleman, Fifth Corporal; W. G. Denny, Sixth Corporal.


G. W. Denny, David Sheppard, J. D. Herlong, S. J. Bouknight, M. D. Padgett, W. W. Smith, Levy Bedenbaugh, William Etheredge, M. B. Watson, J. R. Padgett, Emanuel Padgett, B. F. Sample, Hilary Crouch, Hiram Duncan, Arthur Davis, D. D. W. McCarty, J. C. H. Rauch, W. E. Sample, William Ridlehoover, J. B. Suddath, William Saddler, Edward Mitchell, A. W. Denny, W. A. Watson, J. T. Vansant, J. H. Watson, F. M. Rogers, Paul Mitchell, John Perry, James J. Denny, W. M. Stewart, M. G. McGhee, Eldred Whittle, T. B. Crouch, William Etheredge, George Martin, Noah Etheredge, G. D. Henson, A. L. Wyse, R. T. Jones, A. S. Bouknight, W. L. Parker, E. A. Perry, John Inabenet, James Goodwin, J. T. Bedenbaugh, A. Gibson, T. A. Merchant, Tillman Sawyer, W. J. Cooner, Thomas Whittle, W. D. Cameron, William Leapard, C. W. Hues, J. R. Pou, John McClendon, Benjamin Harris, William Goodwin, Jacob Gibson, Willis Crouch, T. L. Crouch, W. J. Gunter, Joshua Clarke, John Pou, J. H. Spann, L. A. Smith, J. L. Watson, J. A. Linler, W. A. Mitchell, J. J. Jones, William Harris, E. L. McCarty, M. A. Whittle, Thomas Berry, R. R. Grigsby, Jacob Hirett.

Privates, 88; officers, 15; total, 103.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 418

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