Lower Battalion

This company is, I suppose, the germ or the original of Company I, 7th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers. In another place appears the roll of that company showing its condition, as reported by Captain Benjamin Roper, July 23rd, 1862, which roll is on file in the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General, Columbia, S. C.


W. F. Prescott, Captain; J. P. Nixon, First Lieutenant; Benjamin Roper, Second Lieutenant; S. B. Blocker, Third Lieutenant; H. C. Garrett, First Sergeant; Wyat Holmes, Second Sergeant; Wm. Holmes, Third Sergeant; G. W. Morgan, Fourth Sergeant; William Holson, Fifth Sergeant; L. M. Broadwater, First Corporal; L. J. Miller, Second Corporal; J. H. Lanier, Third Corporal; S. G. Merriwether, Fourth Corporal; N. L. Brunson, Fifth Corporal; Thomas M. Crafton, Sixth Corporal.


James A. Mathis, Charles Hammond, Daniel Briggs, W. A. Garrett, C. F. Hammond, R. G. Hammond, S. T. Brunson, P. M. Thurmond, Jos. Holliday, Philip Boyd, E. N. Bartly, W. G. Coleman, J. C. Strom, David W. Thomas, T. N. Pressley, W. B. Hughes, Whit. Jennings, Thomas Strom, A. H. Burt, J. N. Griffin, William Wash, W. A. B. Newson, A. Howard, R. O. Hovia, N. Merriwether, J. Prince, J. S. Sharpton, P. B. Hanson, G. W. Holson, James Wood, A. Holson, T. Irvins, F. W. Treat, L. E. Holmes, Jasper McDaniel, Thomas M. Colier, James A. Bussey, Sherrad Holmes, Wm. H. Mathis, Wm. H. Bussey, John Prince, F. Corley, N. G. Broadwater, John H. Terry, L. F. Sharpton, J. C. Henderson, H. Wood, George Martin, Charles Glanton, John Briggs, T. Halliday, John C. Collins, R. D. Brunson, B. B. Burton, B. B. Johnson, John Cason, Thomas Mathis, Robert Brooks, Roland Terry, J. H. Burdit, S. Stalnaker.

Privates, 61; officers, 15; total, 76.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 422

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