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Interested in learning more about E. Busbee who served in Co. C, SC Battalion and died in the High Point North Carolina Confederate Hospital. When did he die? Where is he buried? Who was his family?

Submitted by : John Rigdon
Email : JohnR238@AOL.COM
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Apr 16, 1998 11:31

Desire information on H. L. EATON from Anderson County,South Carolina

Submitted by : Claud Eaton
Email : Claudeaton@aol.com
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Apr 16, 1998 12:57

Any info on the following would be appreciated: Samuel R. LEE d.- Oct. 7, 1864 Served in the 2nd SC Artillery Com. I. Enlisted from Orangeburg, SC. Benjamin H. LEE d.- Sept. 5, 1863. Served in the 2nd SC Art. Co. I. Enlisted from Orangeburg, SC. David A. F. SUMMERS d.- Feb. 3, 1864. Served in the 2nd SC Art. Co. A. Enlisted from Orangeburg, SC, possibly from Colleton County, SC. James Henry SHIRER d. June 30, 1865, POW at Elmira Prison. Served in the 25th SC Vol. Co. F. Orangeburg, SC. John Emanual FUNCHESS d. June 29, 1863. Served int he 5th SC Cal. Co. A. Orangeburg, SC.

Submitted by : Allyson Lee
Email : mjkiran@aol.com
WWW page : http://members.aol.com/mjkiran/index.htm
Apr 16, 1998 19:08

I am looking for any information on the following individuals and their company.. James C.W. Calder[Caulder] and the company in which he served--Co. E, 3 SC Lt. Arty. This unit was also called The South Carolina Palmetto Light Artillery Battalion, Co E. Organized in April 1862. Surrendered by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, Orange County, NC on April 26, 1865. Also, John W. Calder who served in Co. H, 10 SC Infantry. I know that he enlisted at Camp Marion, Whites Brige, SC, July 19, 1881. He died at the Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, Tenn. March 24, 1863. Also, Daniel Calder who served Co. D 26 Cine. No information.

Submitted by : Charlie D. Calder
Email : cdcalder@pdn.net
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Apr 16, 1998 20:31

How 'bout the Edisto Rifles, out of Orangeburg. There's a book by William Izlar entitled "The Edisto Rifles". Out of print but available in most genealogical/local history sections of SC libraries. Contains full rosters etc. I believe the unit was also designated as Company G, 25th S.C. Volunteers. There's an account at the Charleston in the Civil War website of the unit's participation in the Battle of Secessionville. Charles L. Dibble Post Office Drawer 1240 Columbia, South Carolina 29202-1240 FAX: 803/ 254-1528 email: DIBBLELAW@MSN.COM

Submitted by : Charles L. Dibble
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Apr 17, 1998 06:09

Hello, My ancestor Private Joseph B Cusack of the 25th Regiment SC Infantry (Eutaw Regt) was wounded during the opening hours of Antietam. For many months until about feb 1864 he was in and out of Confederate hospitals in Richmond until he was retired and transferred to the "Invalid Corps". Records indicate he was taken as a rebel deserter in Nothern VA, 20 days before Lee surrendered. My question: Has anyone heard of the Invalid Corps? Could it have performed performed light duties to free up soldiers? Please email me with any answers. Email: KBEAN99999@AOL.COM Thanks in advance, Keith

Submitted by : Keith Bean
Email : KBEAN99999@AOL.COM
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Apr 17, 1998 21:29

My ancestor, GOODY McMANUS served in the South Carolina infantry-Co "H" 7th Battalion (Enfield Rifles) Does anyone know some history of the Enfield Rifles. The Battalion was also known as Nelson's Batallion.I have a list of battles they were in, but none of the stories or lore. Any help?

Submitted by : Jim Whiteside
Email : whitesid@itis.com
Apr 17, 1998 21:55

STUCKEY JEAN S. STUCKEY, JStucmom@aol.com My husband is from South Carolina. His Grandfather was Alexander Fairchild Stuckey who served in CO A 14th SC Inf in the Civil War. I see no mention of that unit or of the 14th in your list. When the unit was ordered to Richmond, (all of this is in John Wesley Alexanders Reminisces) the hostilities began on the day of arrival. AF was found by John Wesley Alexander. A minie ball had hit him in the head and gone on thru. Mr Alexander reported him as dead andwent on. All of this ocurred at the Battle of the Wilderness. AF was picked up and taken to a hospital and survived. We understand that he fought on thru the end of the war. He is listed in the Civil War list of persons in that unit as a 1st Sergeant. He returned to Lamar SC where he lived until he died in 1904. He is buried in the Cook Family Cemetery either in Cade or just outside of Lake City. It is also our understanding that he received a pension for the wound and that he had a silver plate in his head. His brother (we Think) was Capt Charles Stuckey who was in the same unit and was wounded. Any information on this individual would be greatly appreciated. There were several other Stuckeys in the same unit.

Submitted by : JEAN S. STUCKEY
Email : JStucmom@aol.com
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Apr 19, 1998 12:35

I am trying to track my grandfather's Confederate service. According to his obituary, Rev. Rufus Franklin Bryant served with the Confederate Army in 1863, 64 and 65 in Captain Tom Love's company. (Another reference I found might also refer to him: "York Co. Confederate Veteran: R. F. Bryant commissary 46th SC Militia.") Rev. Bryant was born in Spartanburg, 1845; died in NC in 1939. He probably joined his unit in the Spartanburg area. I have found no information on Capt. Tom Love's Co. and would like more information on that unit. Any help will be most appreciated.

Submitted by : Glenna B. Kinard
Email : gkinard@aol.com
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Apr 19, 1998 15:31

Looking for information about Samuel Mallory CHANDLER who died in the Civil War. He is to have died 30 July 1864 at the Battle of the Crater in Petersburg, VA. He is to have served in the 26th. SC Co. H. I would like to know if there is a complete list of soldiers or a list of the ones that died.

Submitted by : ROSE
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Apr 22, 1998 23:05

Looking for info on John G Reeks, private in Palmetto Sharp Shooters, Company 'I'.

Submitted by : H Wesley Phillips
Email : h_wesley_phillips@ibm.net
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Apr 25, 1998 20:03

Looking for info on Benjamin F Bridges, private in Company B, Greenville Regiment. He died during war from illness. Where did he die?

Submitted by : H Wesley Phillips
Email : h_wesley_phillips@ibm.net
Apr 25, 1998 20:06

My GGgrandfather, Robert Cobb, served in Co. C, 2nd SC Rifles. His rank at the end of the was was 3rd Sergeant. He was wounded at Hanover Junction, VA, 25 May 1864 and spent quite a bit of time in hospitals in Richmond, VA. He died 2 Oct 1921 in Oconee Co., SC. I have two questions: 1. Is the 2nd SC Rifles the same as the "2nd Infantry Regiment Rifles"? Sometimes the unit designations are confusing. 2. Does anyone know if there are any information available on the 2nd SC Rifles? My e-mail address: kbdlboyd@aol.com

Submitted by : Dale Boyd
Email : kbdlboyd@aol.com
Apr 25, 1998 22:37

COTTINGHAM, Stewart, Private 1, Eighth Regiment Infantry, Transferred lst Infantry (Hagood's) Wounded Grovetown, VA August 29, 1862. Died 1874 effect of wounds. My query is in the family history we have a Conner Cottingham b. 9/2/ 1841; died in Richmond, VA on 4/19/1862, soldier in the Eighth Regiment, SC Volunteers, buried in McLucas Cemetary, Clio, SC. Can this possible be the same person or were there two Cottingham's in Eighth Regiment? How would I find this information.

Submitted by : Janice Gunnin
Email : jgunnin@swbell.net
Apr 27, 1998 00:27

I am looking for any information on ELLIS JOHN RICHBOURG, my ggrandfather. According to Roster of Confederate Soldiers, he was in 6th Inf. 2nd Co.C Sgt. It is listed as a Kershaw Co. He could have served under Capt. E.B.Canty and Capt. R. M. Canty. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by : Maggie Wickel
Email : wick7b@digital.net
Apr 28, 1998 16:33

My g grandfather lived in anderson county NC, He enlisted in July 1861: Surrendered at Appomattox courthouse April 1865 at Lee's surrender. Served in Company L, 2nd SC rifles regiment under Col. Moore. He died in Jones co. TX about 1915. His name was Morton W. Wallace. any info about him and or his unit would be appreciated.

Submitted by : EDWIN L. SUGGS
Email : S3369@aol.com
Apr 29, 1998 19:38

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