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Company F


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Muster roll of Company "F," Nineteenth Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, from the 18th day of December, 1861. Copy of T. D. Villard, Ridge Spring, April 25th, 1886. This company was enlisted for 12 months:


    Wade Holstein was first Captain; resigned February 15th, 1862; promoted to Captain by resignation of Captain Hostein February 15th, 1862.
    M. N. Holstein, First Lieutenant; promoted to First Lieutenant by promotion of Norris to Captain.
    Hiram Holstein, Second Lieutenant, promoted to Second Lieutenant by promotion of M. N. Holstein to First Lieutenant.
    J. W. Turner,promoted Second Lieutenant; elected February 15th, 1862.
    W. K. Smith, First Sergeant.
    E. M. Corder, promoted Second Sergeant February 29th, vice
    J. W. Holstein, discharged.
    M. B. Asbill, Sergeant; left camp February 20th; unable to return on account of sickness.
    Irving M. Norris, Sergeant; left camp February 20th; unable to return on account of sickness,
    Lorenzo Feaster, Corporal.
    J. W. Hartley, Corporal; absent for 10 days.
    M. C. Corder, Corporal; absent for 10 days.
    Wm. Hartley, Corporal; appointed Fourth Corporal
    Jacob Busby, absent.


    Wesley Autrey
    Henry Anderson
    Abijah Anderson
    S. Anderson, left camp February 14th for seven days, sick, unable to return
    Barney Anderson, left camp February 11th for ten days, sick, unable to return
    H. Asbill
    A. B. Asbill, left camp February 26th for 30 days
    Thomas Busby, transferred to cavalry and killed in Virginia
    John Britt
    Sam. Bloodsworth
    Geo. Cockrill
    P. B. DeMedicis, Camp Hampton, left camp 3rd February for 10 days, after that absent without leave;
    Wm. Daniel, discharged January 10th for disability
    G. W. Fallaw
    Abraham Gossett
    James Goodwyn
    Mayne Hale, sick in Soldiers’ Relief Hospital
    H. Hall
    Irvin Hall Camp Wappo
    Willis Hartley
    E. F. Hartley
    B. Hite
    S. Hite, left 15th February for 10 days, too sick to return in time
    H. Hallman
    A. Kneece
    L. D. Landrum
    J. B. Holstein Sergeant, discharged February 19th
    S. F. Lowman, left 1st February for 15 days, too sick to return in time
    A. M. Lott
    J. Pylant
    E. Padgett
    D. A. Prater, appointed Fifth Sergeant vice E. M. Corder, promoted February 24th
    P. N. Ridgell
    Ira Reynolds, left 11th February for 10 days, too sick to return in time
    I. M. Reynolds
    David Stone
    John Stone, January 20th seven days furlough, absent without leave
    J. P. Sawyer
    S. W. Smith, February 19th furlough for 30 days
    J. Sanguinnett, February 27th furlough for 5 days
    T. D. Villard Camp Wappo
    J. Wells
    Jas. Warren, left 1st February for 15 days, too sick to return in time
    William Warren, deserted on 19th February from Camp Wappo, recaptured 3rd March, placed under arrest
    J. D. Waddell
    Walker, Bryan T.
    T. Whittle
    F. M. Whittle, left February 1st for 10 days, too sick to return in time
    E. D. Watson, Camp Wappo, transferred from Company "A" February 6th; furloughed seven days
    S. Senterfit
    Jacob Mabar, discharged February 26th for disability
    J. Duffie, died February 21st in Soldiers’ Relief Hospital - pneumonia.

Commissioned officers, 5; non-commissioned officers, 8; total, 13; privates, 33; total rank and file, 46.

The reader will perceive that this is an army muster roll, showing the condition of the company on the first day of March, 1862, with a few casualties of a later date. One was transferred to cavalry and killed in battle. One lost a leg at Franklin. One died in hospital. Two discharged for disability. One deserted, but I hope he behaved better afterwards. All, I believe, both officers and men, were from Edgefield.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 456

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