SC 1st Infantry Regiment
1st Company F
Wee Nee Volunteers


In River's Account of the Raising of the Troops:

"The companies constituting the regiment rendezvoused, at various dates, in Charleston, whence they were distributed on Sullivan's and Morris' islands. They had all assembled by or about February 1, 1861. Col. Rivers states in his account: " At this time volunteer companies for the regiment raised by order of the Convention rapidly came forward, the number of men amounting to 1,059, including officers. This was the 1st Regiment S. C. V., Col. Maxcy Gregg, commanding; Lieut. Col. A. H. Gladden and afterwards Lieut. Col. D. H. Hamilton; Maj. Aug. M. Smith; Co. A. Richland Rifles, Capt. D. B. Miller; Co. B, Darlington Guards, Capt. F[rederick] F[raser] Warley; Co. C. Edgefield Rifles, Capt. Cicero Adams; Co. D, Abbeville Volunteers, Capt. J[ames] M[onroe] Perrin; Co. E, Union Volunteers, Capt. J[ames] M. Gadbury[Gadberry]; Co. F, Wee Nee Volunteers (from Williamsburg), Capt. J. G. Pressley; Co. G, Hamburg Volunteers, Capt. Wm. Spires; Co. H, Cherokee Pond Volunteers, Capt. R. Merriweather; Co. I, Monticello Guards, Capt. J. B. Davis;[This may be Joseph Berry Davis who died in the war per Broken Fortunes] Co. K, Marion Volunteers, Capt. M. B. Stanley; Co. L, Rhett Guards (from Newberry), Capt. Whitfield Walker. "

Capt. J[ohn] G. Pressley became Colonel of the 25th Infantry Regiment when it was organized in July, 1862.

The following note appears with the roster of Hagood's 1st Infantry Regiment, Company E.:

"In July, 1861, when Hagood's Regiment passed from the service of the State to the service of the Confederate States there was no Company E., the company (commanded by Captain T. H. Mangum) which had been so designated having withdrawn from the Regiment and gone to the West and joined the 1st Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers. To fill this vacancy a company, commanded by Captain John G. Pressley, which had served the six months term in Gregg's Regiment, volunteered, September 5, 1861, and was accepted. This company was mustered into Confederate service at Fort Johnson, September 11, 1861, by P. K. Molony, Mustering Officer."

REF: South Carolina Troops in Confederate

Service, Vol. I

Salley, A. S. The State Co., Columbia, SC 1913

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Caldwell, J. F. J - The History of a Brigade of South Carolinians
Rigdon, John C. - Historical Sketch and Roster of the South Carolina 1st Infantry Regiment (Gregg's) - 433 pgs

Rivers, Col. William J. - Rivers Account of the Raising of the Troops for State and Confederate Service
Salley, A. S. - South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service Vol. 1.  
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