Company K
C. S. A.

Roll of Company K, Twenty-fourth Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, prepared by Lieutenant R. A. Cochran, commanding company at surrender at Greensboro, N. C., 1865:

S. S. Tomkins, Captain; resigned 1862. T. C. Morgan, Captain; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel; severely wounded at Calhoun and Decatur; surrendered at Greensboro. Jas. A. Dozier, First Lieutenant; resigned 1862. F. W. Andrews, Second Lieutenant; severely wounded at Nashville; promoted to First Lieutenant. G. W. Talbert, Second Lieutenant; resigned 1863. J. E. Morgan, Second Lieutenant; killed at Chickamauga while attempting to rally a Georgia regiment. T. M. Seigler, Second Lieutenant; surrendered at Greensboro; promoted to First Lieutenant. R. M. Winn, Second Lieutenant; killed in battle at Peach Tree Creek. R. A. Cochran, Second Lieutenant; in command of Company K at surrender; twice wounded; promoted to First Lieutenant. G. McWeaver, First Sergeant; lost a leg at Peach Tree Creek. J. A. Reynolds, First Sergeant; surrendered at Greensboro. G. W. Burton, Sergeant; severely wounded at Secessionville; P. M. Williams, Sergeant; transferred to Gregg’s Cavalry. W. E. Hobbs, Sergeant; killed at Atlanta 1864. J. E. Holmes, Sergeant; surrendered at Greensboro. G. W. Andrews, Sergeant: severely wounded at Decatur; surrendered at Greensboro. L. H. Kemp, Corporal; surrendered at Greensboro. P. H. Strom, Corporal; surrendered at Greensboro. H. S. Seigler, Corporal; killed at Jonesborough, Ga. W. W. McDowell, Corporal; wounded at Franklin.


T. J. Adams; E. Bussey, killed at Secessionville 1862; D. W. Christian; Tom Collins, died in hospital 1863; J. J. Dorn, surrendered at Greensboro; John Dorn, died in hospital August 7th, 1863; W. P. Dorn, died in hospital October 15th, 1863; George Dorn, killed at Jonesborough; James Dorn, surrendered at Greensboro; J. R. Ellenberger, surrendered at Greensboro; R. P. Geoman, surrendered at Greensboro; R. Glaze, died in hospital August 4th, 1863; Wm. Glaze, severely wounded at Decatur, Ga.; D. J. Gilchrist; William Harrison, died 1863; E. M. Holmes, wounded at Franklin, Tenn.; Tom Holiday, died in camp at Dalton, Ga.; William Hollingsworth; P. Hamilton, died in hospital 1863; E. Harling, honorably discharged; James Horn, severely wounded at Secessionville; Rit Horn, deserted at Dalton, Ga.; Wm. Kidd, deserted in route to Chickamauga; Jobe Martin, surrendered at Jonesboro; Whitfield Martin, killed at Peach Tree Creek; Lafayette Martin, died in hospital December 12th, 1863; W. T. Mathis, Joseph Morris; Dave Morgan, died in camp at Dalton January 9th, 1864; T. W. Morgan, severely wounded at Franklin, Tenn.; Pick New; Ben New, deserted 1863; Ned New, died 1862; J. T. Ouzts, surrendered at Greensboro; S. W. Ouzts, died May 30th, 1863, from wounds received in battle at Calhoun, Ga.; T. J. Ouzts; Peter Ouzts, surrendered at Greensboro; Isaac Ouzts, surrendered at Greensboro; Ab. Ouzts, died in hospital 1862; Marion Ouzts, honorably discharged 1862; John Pardue, deserted at Dalton, Ga., 1864; D. Pardue, died in hospital; Abram Price; L. Parkman surrendered at Greensboro; W. H. Rush; W. T. Robertson, surrendered at Greensboro; E. H. Reynolds; Alex Reynolds, honorably discharged 1864; A. W. Reel, surrendered at Greensboro; John Shaffer, died in hospital 1863; W. T. Stillman, died May 20th, 1863, from wounds received at Calhoun, Ga.; G. H. Seigler, severely wounded at Chickamauga; S. B. Strom, died at home while on furlough; J. P. Strom, wounded at Franklin, surrendered at Greensboro; W. S. Strom, killed at Franklin, Tenn.; Hag. Strom; G. W. Strom, surrendered at Greensboro; J. E. Strom, surrendered at Greensboro; W. H. Strom, T. Strom; George Timmerman, killed at Jonesboro; F. A. Timmerman, died in hospital January 20th, 1864; Wm. Timmerman, surrendered at Greensboro; G. H. Timmerman, died in hospital November 8th, 1863; Dave Timmerman; S. Thomas, severely wounded near Kenesaw Mountain; John Taylor, surrendered at Greensboro; G. W. Thurmond, lost his right arm and two fingers of left hand at Franklin, Tenn.; John Williams, killed at Atlanta; William White, killed at Chickamauga; W. A. Winn, died in hospital May 11th, 1864; E. C. Winn, severely wounded at Decatur, Ga.; Henry Timmerman, killed at Chickamauga.

Commissioned officers, 9; non-commissioned officers, 11; privates, 73; total rank and file, 93. Killed in battle, 11; died of wounds, 2; died in hospital, 12; died at home on furlough, 1; died in camp, 2; total deaths, 28. Wounded not mortal, 14; deserted, 4.

Deaths and wounded about the average. Desertions unusually great.

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