SC 27th Infantry Regiment
Company F


The First Families Project has identified approximately 800 families who were in Edgefield County prior to 1800. Those whose families have been identified are marked with the icon

I find the following names from Edgefield in this regiment, which I give with causualties:

Jacob Staubs, age 31, Third Sergeant; killed in battle at Cold Harbor June 6th, 1864.
Boozer, Jacob
W. L. Stone, age 40, First Corporal, died of disease at home July 4th, 1863.
T. G. Attaway, age 23, Third Corporal.


William Page, age 19, (from Company "B");

J. A. Attaway, age 19, wounded at Pocotaligo and died of his wound at home December 21st, 1862;

T. J. Bladon, age 35;

J. W. D. Bowen, age 25, wounded at Petersburg;

J. T. Bryant, age 25;

C. W. Burder, age 17;

Wesley Cockerill, age 24;

George DeLoach, age 24, captured

Weldon R. R.;

Caleb DeLoach, age 20;

Allen DeLoach, age 29;

William DeLoach, age 23, killed in battle Weldon R. R. August 21st, 1864;

Milledge DeLoach, age 18;

John Dean, age 37, transferred to Second Artillery;

W. T. Fulmer, age 20;

J. H. Goodman, age 37, wounded at Drewry's Bluff;

H. W. Griffith, age 35;

P. B. McDaniel, age 37, killed in battle at Pocotaligo October 22nd, 1862;

B. L. Murrell, age 19; D. Proctor, age 20;

Ezekiel Rutland, age 16, transferred to Second Artillery;

James Smith, age 25;

George W. Seay, age 25, wounded in the trenches at Richmond June, 1864, and died at Richmond June 30th, 1864;

G. W. Turner, age 21, transferred;

J. P. Weaver, age 16, killed in battle at Drewry's Bluff May 16th, 1864;

W. S. Wightman, age 17.

Total - 28 in Company F and 1 in Company B.

Company F was commanded by Captain Joseph Blythe Allston and Company B by Captain Thomas Y. Simons.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 474
Rivers: Rivers Account of the Raising of the Troops

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