SC 2nd Artillery Regiment
Company K


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Roll of Company "K," Second Regiment Artillery, Lamar's, as furnished me by Captain P. B. Waters, January 24th, 1893, written by him from memory:

There were several from Laurens County who were members of this company, but their names are not given here. Perhaps they should be, as they were in an Edgefield company, but Edgefield should have credit only for the men who went from that county.

Wade Mills was killed by the bursting of a siege gun at Battery Reid, on James Island, while firing on the "Swamp Angel."

This company was enlisted in August, 1861, and went into service at Camp Butler, near Aiken. After the organization the command was transferred to Fort Johnson, on James Island, and served in the defence of Charleston until the evacuation of that city in February, 1865. The company was the nucleus of Colonel T. G. Lamar's Battalion and subsequent regiment, the Second of Artillery. In the battle of Secessionville - the capture of the Isaac P. Smith, a Federal gunboat, and in other engagements and skirmishes on James Island - this command was an active participant. After the evacuation of Charleston, which city this command had held safe from the enemy for four long years by arduous labor on her defences and exhausting exposure, night after night, under an almost continual fire of the enemies guns, the command was attached to the army of General Johnston and served as infantry until the surrender. There was no finer body nor better drilled company in the Army of the South. The company suffered heavy loss in the battles of Averysboro and Bentonville in North Carolina. This Veteran command surrendered with General Joe Johnston at Greensboro, N. C., in 1865.


    H. C. Culbreath, Captain, resigned;

    Philemon B. Waters, Captain, served through war;

    J. Crawford Perry, Lieutenant, resigned;

    Edward H. Addy, Lieutenant;

    J. A. Pitts, Lieutenant;

    Felix Lake, Lieutenant;

    R. M. Scurry, Lieutenant, resigned;

    Wilson Abney, Sergeant;

    Joel R. Abney, Sergeant;

    William Webb, Sergeant;

    J. H. Williams, Sergeant;

    Joseph Watkins, Orderly Sergeant;

    William A. Culbreath, Sergeant;

    George Berry, Corporal, wounded;

    George W. Mack, Corporal;

    Joseph Ridlehoover, Corporal;

    Malachi M. Pitts, Assistant Surgeon;

    W. C. Barber, Sergeant Major;

    William Abney, Ordinance Sergeant.


    James Adams;

    William Arander, wounded;

    Lewis Arander, transferred;

    Solomon Auttman,

    Joseph W. Banks,

    Wilson Barnes,

    Jacob J. Barnes,

    B. W. Bledsoe;

    L. W. Bledsoe, wounded;

    W. F. Boyd

    Whitfield Brooks

    William Brooks,

    A. Pickens Burnett,

    J. P. Burnett,

    Ralp S. Burnett;

    Joseph Buffington, died 1893;

    J. Oliver Berry, wounded

    Elijah Berry;

    William Berry, died;

    Steven A. Campbell, died;

    John C. Chapman,

    William E. Clark;

    Andrew T. Coleman, Company Clerk;

    Jacob Corley, lost arm;

    John A. Corley,

    West Corley,

    Hardy Crouch,

    Noel Crouch,

    W. S. Crouch;

    V. L. Crouch, wounded;

    William Crouch,

    H. Pope Culbreath;

    Ira P. Culbreath, color Bearer;

    J. H. Cambee;

    Frank Cockerel, transferred;

    William Davis;

    Lewis Davis, died;

    Daniel C. Glenn,

    James Goodwin,

    James Gosset,

    Crawford Griffith,

    George Griffith,

    M. C. Gant,

    John Goggans;

    West Gentry, transferred;

    George Havird,

    L. J. Havird,

    Z. C. Havird,

    Winfield Havird,

    John Oliver Havird,

    T. W. Halman,

    Milledge Halman,

    Calvin Halman,

    L. Berry Hazle,

    William Hazle;

    John B. Hill, wounded;

    W. R. Hunter,

    Tillman Jennings,

    Spencer Jennings,

    Philip Jennings,

    M. H. Kempson;

    J. S. Kennerly, died;

    Levi Koon, transferred;

    M. R. Lowrey,

    Frank Lowrey,

    Joseph M. Long;

    George W. Long, company commissary;

    George W. Long,, Sr., killed;

    Leontine Mack,

    Solomon Morse;

    Sret Mills, transferred;

    Wade Mills, killed;

    William Mills, died during the war;

    Job McGee, transferred;

    West McGee,

    Reuben McCarty;

    J. Mack McCarty, wounded;

    M. C. Nichols,

    Wat Nichols;

    J. J. Odom, transferred;

    Willis A. Odom,

    J. P. Owens,

    David W. Padget; West Parish, transferred;

    M. B. Perry, wounded;

    Wesley Perry,

    Oliver B. Perry,

    Bennet Perry;

    Milledge Pitts, killed;

    James S. Pou,

    William B. Powel,

    W. M. Prather;

    Albert Reams, wounded;

    Ridley Reams,

    Jordan Reams;

    John B. Riley, died;

    Derrick Riley,

    Samuel Riley,

    T. E. Rinehart,

    West Rinehart,

    Sumter Ridlehoover,

    B. F. Sample;

    Walter D. Spann, died;

    George W. Spearman,

    J. F. Spearman,

    W. B. Stevens;

    David R. Strother, wounded;

    William A. Strother,

    L. M. Smith,

    William Martin Stewart,

    Larkin Snelgrove;

    T. L. Smith, transferred;

    William Salter, transferred;

    Willis Stone, transferred;

    C. R. Thomas,

    James Thomas,

    J. Pinckney Trotter,

    Jesse Turner,

    George W. Turner,

    Ralph Turner,

    Samuel Webb,

    Daniel Whittle;

    Willis Whittle, discharged;

    W. W. Williams,

    Watson, Calvin

    Tillman Watson regimental commissary;

    Frank M. Yarbrough,

    Jesse Riddle,

    L. Riddle,

    Benjamin Watkins.

Total rank and file, 149.

This number is not more than half of those who were actually connected with the company during the war.

Of these were killed, 4; wounded, 10; died of disease, 8.


    John Aughtry,

    Charles Aughtry;

    Elisha Attaway, wounded;

    A. J. Cobler,

    Henry Butler,

    Chesley Butler,

    Silas Butler,

    Presley Butler,

    Milledge Bledsoe,

    R. W. Bledsoe,

    Peter Duffy,

    A. E. Dorn,

    George DeLoach,

    Caleb DeLoach;

    Jeremiah Morgan;

    Ralph Morris, killed;

    Brown Jennings;

    Adam C. Ripley, wounded;

    Richard Ripley,

    Henry Ripley,

    Sumter Ridlehoover,

    Henry Waits,

    Alley Ridlehoover,

    Samuel Waits;

    Peter Schumpert, died;

    Jefferson Reams,

    James P. Merchant,

    James D. B. Miller,

    John B. W. Miller.

      Total, 30; making a grand total of 179.

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REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 474
Rivers: Rivers Account of the Raising of the Troops

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