Company E
C. S. A.

Made by James Butler Suddath and J. C. H. Rauch, Sergeants, from memory - November 1893.


David Denny, Captain; served one year, resigned; too old. James Mitchell, Captain; served through the war. Lieutenant W. A. Rutland; killed in battle. Lieutenant James Pinson. Lieutenant W. J. Denny, killed in battle. Orderly Sergeant J. C. H. Rauch.

Sergeant James Butler Suddath (1838 - 1906)

Sergeant A. W. Denny. Sergeant M. W. Coleman. Sergeant Edward Mitchell, killed in battle. Corporal John Pon, killed in battle. Corporal L. A. Smith, killed in battle. Corporal U. B. McGee, killed in battle. Corporal Emanuel Padgett, killed in battle.


Henry Black; Jacob Black, killed in battle; Paul Black, Willis Crouch, T. B. Crouch, Hillery Crouch, J. L. Crouch, Robert Crouch, Milledge Crouch, Eli Crout, J. M. Corley, Jacob Corley; Frank Corley, killed in battle; Wm. M. Cooner, killed in battle; John Chapman; Robert Cash, killed in battle; G. W. Denny, died in hospital; J. O. Denny, J. M. Denny, John Derrick, James Douglas; William Douglas, died during the war; William Etheredge, Sr., William Etheredge, Jr., Noah Etheredge, Henry C. Etheredge, Joab Edwards; Joseph Geiger, died during the war; David Geiger, William Goodwin; Joseph Goff, died during the war; Wright Little, killed in battle; Alfred Maroney; Luke Lott, died early in the war; Paul Mitchell, killed in battle; W. A. Mitchell, John Mitchell, James Minnick, J. W. Merchant;

D. D. W. McCarty

John McLendon, killed in battle; Richard Parson, John R. Pinson, J. Robert Pou, Emri Padgett, William Ridlehoover; Frank Rodgers, killed in battle; James C. Ramage, died during the war; William Ridgell, died during the war; John Ridgell, Daniel Ridgell; Thomas Story, died during the war; G. W. Smith, Louis L. Smith; James H. Smith, killed in battle; W. W. Smith, died during the war; John Shealey, died during the war; Abram Shealey, died during the war; Adam Shealy, died during the war; W. E. Sample, died during the war; James Salter

James Thompson

Joseph Ansel Thompson

J. T. Vansant, died during the war; Washington Venters, M. B. Watson, J. L. Watson, Nicholas Watson, Riden Walker, William Whittle; John Yarbrough, died during the war; Michel Yarbrough, died during the war.

Officers, 15; privates, 73; total, 88; killed in battle, 18; died during the war, 22; total, 40.

This loss is very heavy.

Elsewhere a copy of the original roll of Capt. David Denny's Company is given as it was formed in 1861. At the re-organization at the end of the year, Captain Denny, being too old resigned, and two companies were formed. Company M with E. J. Goggans Captain, and Company E with James Mitchell Captain. Captain Denny died long ago. Captain Mitchell died in 1893; Captain Goggans still lives, November 1893.

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