Company G
C. S. A.


DEAR CHRONICLE: The famous Seventh Regiment of which your gallant old uncle, Colonel Thomas G. Bacon, was the first leader, must always be of deep interest to you, as well as to all Edgefield and Saluda. Therefore I send you the following list. Let us keep these brave names from being forgotten. I send you a list of soldiers who died or were killed during the late war, from 1861 to 1865, in Company G., Seventh South Carolina Volunteers:

Died. - George Hudson, Toles Attaway, Fletcher Graddick, James May, George Clark, George Neal, William Neal, Lieutenant George Strother, Car Williams, Joe Griffin, Robert Bryan, Carter Burnett, Hix Holloway, Jack Whatley, John Crouch, William Bagwell, William Burton, Lit Wooten, John Shafer, Dick Stevens, Frank Dean. Total, 21.

Killed in battle. - Henry Steadham, Jim Steadman, Tink Williams, William Dees, Captain William Clark, Caleb Walton, Jim Burnett, Sim Adams, Joe Wright, J. C. Nox, W. Nox, C. N. Nox, John Turnipseed, John Bolton, Thomas Aiton, Art Bryant, John Hollingsworth, Tink Jay, Captain John Kemp, Jim Quattlebaum, Wesley Wright, Wiley Dodgin, William Coleman, Thomas Burt. Total, 24.

This copy of roll of Company G, Seventh Regiment, is taken from Edgefield Chronicle of September 13th, 1893. By whom made and when does not appear:


W. E. Clark, Captain; J. W. Kemp, First Lieutenant; J. W. Williams, Second Lieutenant; J. W. Eidson, Third Lieutenant; R. C. Strother, First Sergeant; B. L. Youngblood, Second Sergeant; Artemus Bryant, Third Sergeant; M. Ouzts, Fourth Sergeant; Simeon Adams, Fifth Sergeant; R. C. Clary, First Corporal; J. R. Wright, Second Corporal; T. N. Durst, Third Corporal; D. R. Coleman, Fourth Corporal; J. C. Rambo, Fifth Corporal; Thos. Aiton, Sixth Corporal.


J. S. Aiton, W. G. Aiton, B. F. Boone, Wm. Bagwell, L. Berry, J. F. Boulware, H. Burnett, James Burnett, Carter Burnett, W. M. Bolton, D. R. Crouch, John Crouch, William Coleman, V. A. Clark, W. A. Crawford, H. C. Dodgen, Wiley Dodgen, Herlong Dorn, Jesse Duffee, William Leese, Frank Dean, Wm. Eidson, Lark Eidson, G. Ferguson, G. W. Grant, M. A. Griffith, A. B. Griffith, J. B. Gasperson, Abney Hargrove, Joe Hamilton, W. M. Head, J. N. Hollingsworth, Hix Holloway, Dr. D. P. Holloway, John Jay, Fink Jay, Wm. King, W. A. Manus, A. P. Nox, J. B. Nox, T. J. Nox, S. T. Nox, Jas. Quattlebaum, Wm. Rushton, Sr., Wm. Rushton, Jr., G. R. Reeves, Ralph Smith, W. S. Steiffle, J. R. Sentell, F. A. Townsend, Amon Stallworth, Sergeant Major; Henry Steadham, Jas. Steadman, Ira Turner, John Turnipseed, J. Willingham, Pink West, Wm. Wright, Wesley Wright, Joe Wright, Pinkney Williams, Press Williams, Caleb Walton, Jack Whatley.


April 1st, 1861, from Upper Battalion, Tenth South Carolina Militia.

J. H. Brooks, Captain; W. E. Clark, First Lieutenant; H. C. King, Second Lieutenant; G. J. Strother, Third Lieutenant; John W. Kemp, First Sergeant; B. L. Youngblood, Second Sergeant; H. C. Culbreath, Third Sergeant; J. W. Griffin, Fourth Sergeant; Carr S. Williams, Fifth Sergeant; M. W. Clary, First Corporal; J. M. Proctor, Second Corporal; J. W. Edison, Third Corporal; B. G. Smith, Fourth Corporal; R. H. Holloway, Fifth Corporal; R. S. Burnett, Sixth Corporal.


Simeon Adams, Towles Attaway, C. Attaway, W. J. Aiton, T. L. Aiton, J. F. Boleware, T. N. Brunson, A. M. Bryan, L. Brooks, L. J. Brooks, M. P. Burkhalter, J. F. Burnett, George Clark, V. A. Clark, R. C. Clary, John Chaver, O. R. Crouch, J. S. Coleman, M. W. Coleman, A. C. Dees, S. P. DeLoach, William Dogan, H. C. Dogan, T. N. Durst, John F. Frie, J. W. Gentry, Jonathan Gregory, A. B. Griffith, J. P. Hamilton, J. W. Hardy, Isaiah Haltiwanger, D. P. Holloway, J. A. Hollingworth, G. W. Hudson, W. D. King, Levi Koon, Barret Lamb, R. S. Leek, W. Leek, James A. May, B. L. Murrell, J. W. Neill, W. M. Neill, Wm. L. Owdom, G. W. Perdue, W. C. Palmer, J. C. Rambo, J. M. Riley, J. B. Rhodes, William Reese, James Robinson, James Roton, Grant Smith, J. W. Smith, S. S. Smith, A. C. Stalworth, Henry Stedham, J. C. Stedham, H. S. Stefle, B. F. Stevens, J. C. Strother, John Thompkins, F. A. Townsend, G. W. Turner, S. Turner, W. S. Wallington, E. P. Walker, James Webb, William Wheeler, J. P. Watley, H. J. Williams, J. C. Williams, W. P. Williams, T. H. Williams, Pinkney Williams, Whit Williams, J. R. Wright, L. Wooten, Densly Youngblood, William Youngblood, J. S. Aiton. Commissioned offices, 4; non-commissioned officers, 11; privates, 82; total, 97.