The South Carolina Secessionist
Dateline Week of June 2nd

News from the Front


June 2: Our own P. G. T. Beauregard took command of the Confederate forces in northern Virginia. He succeeded Milledge L. Bonham. This new army will be known as the Army of the Potomac.

June 8: Tennessee voters approved secession by a vote of 104,913 to 47,238. This vote approved the move which has already been taken by the Tennessee legislature.

1862 June 1: Robert E. Lee has replaced Gen. Joseph Johnston who was severely wounded in the fighting of May 31st, now known as the Battle of Seven Pines. This was the first major battle for many of our South Carolina troops and losses were great.

June 1-28 Operations, James Island
June 3-4 Skirmishes, James Island
June 3 Skirmish, James Island
June 3 Skirmish, Legare's Point
June 7 Skirmish, Johns Island
June 7 Skirmish, Camp Stevens
June 8 Skirmish, James Island
June 8-9 Affair, Johns Island
June 10 Skirmish, James Island
June 12 Reconnoissance, Hutchinson's Island
June 13 Affair near Hilton Head
Seven Pines (31 MAY - 1 JUN 1862)

5th Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Regiment
Hampton Legion (Infantry)
Palmetto Sharp Shooters (Jenkins Infantry Regiment)

Hutchinson's Island (JUN 1862)

17th Cavalry Battalion (6th Cavalry Battalion)

James' Island (3 JUN 1862)

1st Charleston Infantry Battalion (Gaillard's Battalion) (Infantry)
24th Infantry Regiment

Port Royal Ferry SC (6 JUN 1862)

South Carolina Beaufort Artillery Battery
Capt. Trenholm's Co. Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery
11th Infantry Battalion (9th Volunteers)

John's Island SC (7 - 9 JUN 1862)

1st Cavalry Battalion
17th Infantry Regiment
1863 June 11-13 Operations, Little Folly Island
Expedition from Fort Pulaski, Ga to Bluffton, SC (4 JUN 1863)

3d Cavalry Regiment
4th Cavalry Regiment
11th Infantry Battalion (9th Volunteers)

Brandy Station (9 JUN 1863)

Capt. Parker's Co. Light Artillery (Marion Artillery)
1st Cavalry Regiment
2d Cavalry Regiment
1864 June 2 Raid on Combahee River
July 2-10 Expedition to Johns Island
Cold Harbor VA (1 - 3 JUN 1864)

Capt. Ficklin's Co. Artillery (Brooks Light Artillery)
Capt. Garden's Co. Light Artillery (Palmetto Light Battery)
Capt. Zimmerman's Co., Artillery (Pee Dee Artillery)
Washington Artillery Battery
4th Cavalry Regiment
5th Cavalry Regiment
6th Cavalry Regiment
1st (Hagood's) Infantry Regiment
1st (McCreary's) Infantry Regiment (1st Provisional Army)
1st (Orr's Rifles) Infantry Regiment Rifles
2d Infantry Regiment
2d Infantry Regiment Rifles
3d Infantry Battalion (Lawmen's and James')
3d Infantry Regiment
5th Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Regiment
7th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Regiment
11th Infantry Battalion (9th Volunteers)
12th Infantry Regiment
13th Infantry Regiment
14th Infantry Regiment
15th Infantry Regiment
20th Infantry Regiment
21st Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Regiment (Eutaw Regiment)
27th Infantry (Gaillard's Regiment)
Palmetto Sharp Shooters (Jenkins Infantry Regiment)
Petersburg (9 JUN 1864)

23d Infantry Regiment (Hatch's Regiment, Coast Rangers)

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The Civil War in South Carolina