Company I
C. S. A.

There were at least 6 units known as South Carolina State Troops. I have not been able to determine which one of the regiments this company belongs to.

Roll of Company I, South Carolina State Troops - Station Pocotaligo - February, 1864:

J. C. Brooks, Captain; L. S. Johnson, First Lieutenant; C. H. Plunkett, Second Lieutenant; J. A. Bland, Third Lieutenant; W. P. Delph, First Sergeant; G. W. Thurmond, Second Sergeant; S. V. Johnson, Third Sergeant; W. L. Anderson, Fourth Sergeant; Wm. Culham, First Corporal; J. P. Courtney, Second Corporal; Stephen Mays, Third Corporal; Robert D. Bryant, Fourth Corporal.


A. Adams, H. Adams, G. A. Addison, T. Broadwater, W. Cartledge, W. H. Cumbee, M. Coon, B. Davis, W. B. Elsmore, B. Franklin, M. Franklin, W. Grice, W. Glover, S. Glover, J. Glover, M. D. Green, Wm. Hill, T. Hitt, S. Herndon, S. Hendrix, J. Jones, R. E. Kenney, W. Lippard, M. Lebeschultz, W. E. Legg, A. Lewis, R. Merriwether, A. Miles, W. L. Murrell, W. D. McGhee, J. C. Mills, W. B. Mays, L. Mayer, A. Nunberger, M. J. Palmer, El. Posey, Jesse Satcher for E. M. Posey, B. M. Posey for Jacob Mayer, W. Powell, James Powell, John Rhinehart, C. L. Refoe, E. Randall, Jno. Rossan, J. Rice, Jacob Mayer, Julius Satcher, Joe. Saunders, S. M. Williamson, Jacob Wise, Joseph D. Turner, H. Gulledge, Wm. P. Butler, Ed. Tankersly, M. DeMedicis, George Miller, Timothy Thomas, J. C. Kennedy. Total, 71.

REF: Chapman: History of Edgefield County - pg. 466

The Civil War in South Carolina

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