Military Units Formed in South Carolina

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16th and 24th (Consolidated) Infantry - 420 men
16th Cavalry Battalion
16th Cavalry Regiment - 1 man
16th Infantry (Greenville Regiment) - 1928 men
16th Regiment Militia (Infantry) - 625 men
17th (6th) Cavalry Battalion - 600 men
17th Infantry Regiment - 2074 men
17th Regiment militia (Infantry) - 200 men
18th Artillery Battalion
18th Infantry Regiment - 2091 man
18th Regiment Militia (Infantry) - 170 men
19th Cavalry Battalion - 718 men
19th Infantry Regiment - 1489 men
20th Infantry Regiment - 3252 men
21st Infantry Regiment - 2207 men
22nd Artillery Regiment - 1 man
22nd Infantry Regiment - 1992 men
23d Infantry (Hatch's Regiment, Coast Rangers) - 1868 men
24th Infantry Regiment - 1874 men
24th Militia (Infantry) - 11 men
25th Infantry Regiment (Eutaw Regiment) - 1834 men
25th Militia (Infantry) - 52 men
26th Infantry Regiment - 1918 men
27th Infantry Regiment (Gaillard's Regiment) - 1916 men
34th Regiment South Carolina State Senior Reserves
Battalion of Dismounted Dragoons
Capt. A. C. Eagle's Cavalry
Capt. Bachman's Co. Artillery (German Light Artillery)
Capt. Beauregard's Co. Light Artillery (Ferguson's Co. Light Artillery)
Capt. Charbonnier's Co. Militia (Pickens Rifles) (Infantry)
Capt. Child's Co. Artillery
Capt. Estill's Co., Infantry, Local Defense (Arsenal Guard, Charleston) (Infantry)
Capt. Fickling's Co. Artillery (Brooks Light Artillery)
Capt. Gailliard's Co. Light Artillery (Santee LIght Artillery)
Capt. Garden's Co. Light Artillery (Palmetto Light Battery)
Capt. Gilchrist's Co. Heavy Artillery (Gist Guard)
Capt. Gregg's Co. Artillery (McQueen Light Artillery)
Capt. Hamilton's Co., Provost Guard (Infantry)
Capt. Hart's Co. Horse Artillery, Volunteers (Washington Artillery)
Capt. Jeter's Co. Light Artillery (Macbeth Light Artillery)
Capt. Kelly's Co., Light Artillery (Chesterfield Artillery)
Capt. Kirk's Co., Partison Rangers
Capt. J. T. Kanapaux's Co. Light Artillery (Lafayette Artillery)
Capt. Lee's Co. Artillery
Capt. Matthews' Co. Heavy Artillery
Capt. Melchers's Co Artillery (Co. B. German Artillery)
Capt. Parker's Co. Light Artillery (Marion Artillery)
Capt. Rhett's Co. (Brooks Home Guards) (Infantry)
Capt. Rodgers' Co. Cavalry (State Troops)
Capt. Rutledge's Co. Cavalry Militia
Capt. Senn's Co. Post Guard (Infantry)

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