Military Units Formed in South Carolina

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Capt. Shiver's Co. (Infantry)
Capt. Simon's Co., See Fencibles (Infantry)
Capt. Simon's Co. Volunteers (Etiwan Rangers)
Capt. Simon's So. (Infantry)
Capt. Stuart's Co., Artillery (Beaufort Volunteer Artillery)
Capt. Theodore Cordies' Co. (Cavalry Militia (German Hussars)
Capt. Trenholm's Co. Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery
Capt. Tucker's Co. Cavalry
Capt. Wagener's Co. Light Artillery (Co. A German Artillery)
Capt. Walpole's Co. Cavalry (Stono Scouts)
Capt. Walter's Co. Light Artillery (Washington Artillery
Capt. Mayham Ward's Co. Artillery (Waccamaw Light Artillery)
Capt. Zimmerman's Co., Artillery (Pee Dee Artillery)
Charleston Arsenal Battalion (Infantry)
Conscripts South Carolina (Infantry)
Columbia Local Defense Regiment South Carolina State Troops
De Seusseure's Squadron of Cavalry
Hampton Legion Cavalry Battalion
Hampton Legion Infantry
Holcombe Legion Cavalry Battalion
Holcombe Legion (Infantry)
Johnson's Horse Artillery Battery
Manigault's Battalion Artillery
Manigault's Battalion, Volunteers (Infantry)
Miscellaneous South Carolina Units
Ordnance Guards (Capt. Dotterer) (Infantry)
Palmetto (1st Palmetto) Sharp Shooters (Jenkins Regiment)
South Carolina (Walker's ) Battalion, Infantry
South Carolina Beaufort Artillery Battery
South Carolina Military Academy Cadets
South Carolina PeeDee Light Artillery Battalion


The C.S.S. Hunley


First Federal Infantry Regiment(colored)
Second Federal Infantry Regiment(colored)
Third Federal Infantry Regiment(colored)
Fourth Federal Infantry Regiment(colored)

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