The Civil War in South Carolina

In his History of South Carolina in the Civil War, Major Ellison Capers gave the following introduction:
The writer of the following sketch does not attempt, in the space assigned him, to give a complete history of the various commands of Carolinians, who for four years did gallant and noble service in the armies of the Confederacy. A faithful record of their names alone would fill the pages of a volume, and to write a history of their marches and battles, their wounds and suffering, their willing sacrifices, and their patient endurance, would demand more accurate knowledge, more time and more ability than the author of this sketch can command. He trusts that in the brief history which follows he has been able to show that South Carolina did her duty to herself and to the Southern Confederacy, and did it nobly.

Our goal is to continue and extend his work, honoring the men of South Carolina who served in the Civil War.


The Civil War in South Carolina
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