Timeline of South Carolina History
During the Civil War.

Kansas Troubles

Nov. 10 - Gov. Wm. H. Gist calls for a convention

Dec. 20 Secession Convention - Columbia, SC, Barnwell, SC and Charleston, SC
The Ordinance of Secession
Dec. 20 Castle Pinckney Reconnaissance by Federal Troops
Dec. 26 Transfer of Federal Troops from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter
Charleston Mercury Account
A Peep at Fort Moultrie
Dec. 26 The Occupation of Castle Pinckney - The O.R. lists this as occurring on the 27th.
Dec. 30 Seizure of the Charleston Arsenal
Charleston Mercury Account
Occupation of Morris Island

1861 JANUARY - 1861
Jan. 2 Seizure, Fort Johnson
Jan. 5 Expedition to Fort Sumter
The Southern Confederacy
Secret Movement of United States Troops
Jan. 9 Firing on Star of the West
First Casualty of the War
New York Herald Reports The Events in Charleston
Charleston Mercury Account of the 9th and 10th of January
New York Herald - How the North Perceived It.
Charleston Mercury - A View from Washington
Charleston Mercury - New York Commentary on the Situation
Jan. 11 Military Arrivals and Movements
Jan. 11 Surrender of Fort Sumter Demanded
MARCH - 1861
March 1 Charleston/government of Confederate States assumes control of military affairs
March 3 Charleston/assumption of command by Brig. Gen. G. T. Beauregard
APRIL - 1861
April 3 Rhoda H. Shannon, Schooner/firing on
April 10 Expedition to Fort Sumter
April 11 Surrender of Fort Sumter Demanded
April 12-14 Bombardment of Fort Sumter and evacuation by Federal Troops
AUGUST - 1861
August 21 Brig. Gen. Roswell S. Ripley, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Department of South Carolina.(*)
Brig. Gen. John B. Grayson, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Department of Middle and East Florida.
OCTOBER - 1861
Oct. 21-Nov. 7 Expedition under command of Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sherman, U.S. Army, sails from Annapolis, MD to Port Royal
October 29 -- The Sherman expedition sails from Hampton Roads, Va.
Nov.5, 1861. -- The coasts of South Carolina, Georgia, and East Florida, constituted a department, under command of General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army.
Nov. 7 Bombardment Forts Walker and Beauregard
Nov. 7 Engagement, Port Royal Harbor
Nov. 7-8 Beaufort/occurrences
Nov. 8, 1861. -- General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and East Florida.
Nov. 8 Reconnaissance on Hilton Head Island
Nov. 10-11 Expedition from Hilton Head to Braddock's Point
Nov. 16 -- Capt. D. N. Ingraham, C. S. Navy, assigned to duty in. Charleston Harbor, S. C.
Dec. 6- 7 Expedition to Port Royal Ferry and Beaufort, S. C.
Dec. 6 Occupation of Beaufort
Dec. 17 Skirmish, Chisholm Island
Dec. 17 Evacuation of Rockville, S. C., by the Confederate forces.
Dec. 20 Stone fleet sunk at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, S.C.

JANUARY - 1862
Jan. 1 Action, Port Royal Ferry
Jan. 1 Action, Coosaw River
Jan. 20 Affair, Charleston Harbor. Second stone fleet sunk at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, S.C.
Jan. 22-25 Expedition to Edisto Island
Feb. 6 Reconnaissance to Wright River, S.C.
Feb. 10 Skirmish, Barnwell Island
Feb. 11 Occupation of Edisto Island
Feb. 23-26 Reconnoissance up Bull River and Schooner Channel
Feb. 25-March 5 Expedition from Hilton Head
Feb. 28 Florida expedition sails from Warsaw Sound.
MARCH - 1862
March. 3 General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, called to Richmond, Va.
March 4 Maj. Gen. John C. Pemberton, C. S. Army,, assumes command of the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and East Florida.
March --. Affair, Hunting Island
March 7-11 Expedition to Elba Island
March 7-11 Reconnoissance up Savannah River
March 13 Affair, Mattis Plantation
March 15 The States of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida constituted the Department of the South, to be commanded by Maj. Gen. David Hunter, U.S. Army.
March 19-24 Expedition to May River
March 20-24 Operations near Bluffton, S.C., including affairs at Buckingham and Hunting Island. March 29 Action, Edisto Island
APRIL - 1862
April 5 Occupation of Edisto Island
April 14 Reconnoissance on Seabrook Island
April 19 Skirmish, Edisto Island
April 27 Affair, Murray's Inlet
April 29 Engagement, Pineberry Battery
April 29 White Point/engagement
April 29 Willstown/engagement
MAY - 1862
May 4 Affair, Murray's Inlet
May 13 Planter, Steamer/abduction
May 20 Bombardment, Cole's Island
May 21 Battery Island/affair near
May 22 Expedition to Johns Island
May 25 Affair, Dixon's Island
May 25 Affair, James Island
May 29 Skirmish, Pocotaligo
JUNE - 1862
June 1-28 Operations, James Island
June 3-4 Skirmishes, James Island
June 3 Skirmish, James Island
June 3 Skirmish, Legare's Point
June 7 Skirmish, Johns Island
June 7 Skirmish, Camp Stevens
June 8 Skirmish, James Island
June 8-9 Affair, Johns Island
June 10 Skirmish, James Island
June 12 Reconnoissance, Hutchinson's Island
June 13 Affair near Hilton Head
June 16 Engagement, James Island
June 16 Engagement, Secessionville
June 21 Engagement, Simmons' Bluff
June 28-July 7 Evacuation of James Island
JULY - 1862
July 9 Expedition to Fenwick Island
July 10 Attack on Morris Island
July 10-Sept. 7 Operations on Morris Island
July 19 Action, Morris Island
July 25 Action, Morris Island
AUGUST - 1862
Aug. 13 Engagement, Black River
Aug. 21 Action, Pinckney Island
Sept. 1 Action, Morris Island
Sept. 10 Skirmish, Kilkenny River
Sept. 24 Affair, Skull Creek
Sept. 30-Oct. 3 Reconnoissance to May River
Sept. 30-Oct. 2 Reconnoissance on Savannah River
OCTOBER - 1862
Oct. 18 Affair, Kirk's Bluff
Oct. 21-23 Expedition to Pocotaligo
Oct. 21 Action, Pocotaligo Bridge
Oct. 22 Engagement near Pocotaligo
Oct. 22 Engagement, Caston's Plantation
Oct. 22 Engagement, Frampton's Plantation
Oct. 22 Action, Coosawhatchie
Oct, 24 Affair, St. Helena Island
Nov. 3-10 Expedition from Beaufort
Nov. 3-10 Expedition to East Florida Coast
Nov. 13-18 Expedition from Beaufort

JANUARY - 1863
Jan. 23-Feb. 1 Expedition from Beaufort
Jan. 29 Expedition to Dafuskee Island
Jan. 31 Affair, Bull Island
Jan. 31 Engagement off Charleston Harbor
APRIL - 1863
April 7 Skirmish, Folly Island
April 7 Engagement, Fort Sumter
April 8 Action, Broad River
April 9 Action, Port Royal Ferry
April 10 Skirmish, Folly Island
MAY - 1863
May 19 Skirmish, Pope's Island
May 31 Affair, James Island
JUNE - 1863
June 11-13 Operations, Little Folly Island
June 18 Skirmish, Edisto Island
June 21 Affair, Dixon's Island
JULY - 1863
July 9-16 Expedition to James Island
July 10-Sept. 7 Operations against Forts Wagner and Gregg
July 11 Assault on Fort Wagner
July 14 Bombardment, Forts Wagner and Gregg
July 16 Engagement, Grimball's Landing
July 16 Action, James Island
July 18 Assault on Fort Wagner
AUGUST - 1863
Aug. 26 Action. Forts Wagner and Gregg
Sept. 7 Occupation of Forts Wagner and Gregg
Sept. 8 Attack on Fort Sumter
Sept. 23 Action, Fort Gregg
OCTOBER - 1863
Oct. 21 Action, Fort Gregg
Nov. 15 Demonstration, Johns Island
Nov. 24 Skirmish, Cunningham's Bluff
Dec. 25 Action, Legaresville
Dec. 28 Affair, Johns Island

Feb. 5-22 Expedition from Hilton Head
Feb. 5-22 Expedition to Florida
Feb. 6-14 Expedition to Johns and James Islands
Feb. 9-11 Skirmishes, Bugbee's Bridge
MARCH - 1864
March 25 Affair, McClellansville
APRIL - 1864
April 8 Demonstration, James Island
MAY - 1864
May 11 Reconnoissance, Dafuskee Island
May 13 Affair, James Island
May 16 Skirmish, Ashepoo River
May 21-23 Demonstration, James Island
May 26 Skirmish, Ashepoo River
May 26 Affair, Chapman's Fort
JUNE - 1864
June 2 Raid on Combahee River
July 2-10 Expedition to Johns Island
June 30-July 10 Expedition from Beaufort
June 30-July 10 Expedition to James Island
JULY - 1864
July 2 Skirmish, James Island
July 3 Action, James Island
July 3 Assault, Battery Simpkins
July 3 Skirmish, King's Creek
July 3 Assault, Fort Johnson
July 4 Engagement, James Island
July 5 Skirmish, Johns Island
July 5 Skirmish, James Island
July 6 Engagement, James Island
July 7 Skirmish, James Island
July 7 Engagement, Johns Island
July 9 Action, Johns Island
July 9 Action, Burden's Causeway
July 10 Attack, Fort Johnson
July 16 Skirmish, James Island
AUGUST - 1864
Aug. 20 Burning, Legaresville
Nov. 29 Skirmish, Boyd's Landing
Nov. 30 Engagement, Grahamsville
Nov. 30 Engagement, Honey Hill
Dec. 3 Skirmish, Partridge Hill
Dec. 4 Skirmish, Church Bridge
Dec. 4 Skirmish, near Gardner's Corners
Dec. 5 Skirmish, Gregory's Farm
Dec. 6-9 Demonstration on Charleston & Savannah R. R.
Dec. 6 Action, Deveaux's Neck
Dec. 9 Skirmish, Coosawhatchie
Dec. 9 Skirmish, Honey Hill
Dec. 20 Skirmish near Pocotaligo Road
Dec. 22 Skirmish, McKay's Point
Dec. 27 Skirmish, Deveaux's Neck
Dec. 29 Skirmish, Pocotaligo Bridge

JANUARY - 1865
Jan. 1-April 29 Campaign, Carolinas
Jan. 3 Skirmish, Hardeesville
Jan. 14 Skirmish, Pocotaligo
Jan. 20 Reconnoissance from Pocotaligo
Jan. 25 Reconnoissance from Pocotaligo
Jan. 26 Skirmish, Pocotaligo
Jan. 27 Skirmish, Ennis' Cross Roads
Jan. 28 Skirmish, Combahee River
Jan. 29 Skirmish, Robertsville
Jan. 30 Skirmish, Lawtonsville
Feb. 1 Skirmish, Hickory Hill
Feb. 2 Skirmish, Barker's Mills
Feb. 2 Skirmish, Broxton's Bridge
Feb. 2 Skirmish, Duck Branch
Feb. 2.. Skirmish, Lawtonsville
Feb. 2 Skirmish, Loper's Cross Roads
Feb. 2 Skirmish, Rivers' Bridge
Feb. 3, Action, Rivers' Bridge
Feb. 3 Skirmish, Duck Branch
Feb. 3 Skirmish, Dillingham's Cross Roads
Feb. 4 Skirmish, Angley's Post Office
Feb. 4 Skirmish, Buford's Bridge
Feb. 5 Skirmish, Combahee Ferry
Feb. 5 Skirmish, Duncanville
Feb. 6 Action, Fishburn's Plantation
Feb. 6 Skirmish, Cowpen's Ford
Feb. 6 Skirmish, Barnwell
Feb. 6 Skirmish, Lane's Bridge
Feb. 6 Skirmish, Little Salkehatchie River
Feb. 7 Skirmish, Blacksville
Feb. 7 Reconnoissance Cannon's Bridge
Feb. 7 Skirmish, Edisto R. B. Bridge
Feb. 8 Skirmish, Edisto River
Feb. 8 Skirmish, Cannon's Bridge
Feb. 9 Skirmish, Binnaker's Bridge
Feb. 9 Skirmish, Holman's Bridge
Feb. 10 Skirmish, Johnson's Station
Feb. 10 Skirmish, James Island
Feb. 11 Action, Johnson's Station
Feb. 11 Skirmish, Battery Simpkins
Feb. 11 Action, Aiken
Feb. 11-12 Skirmishes, Orangeburg
Feb. 12-13 Skirmishes, North Edisto River
Feb. 14 Skirmish, North Edisto River
Feb. 14 Skirmish, Gunter's Bridge
Feb. 15 Skirmish, Bates' Ferry
Feb. 15 Skirmish, Congaree River
Feb. 15 Skirmish, Congaree Creek
Feb. 15 Skirmish, Lexington
Feb. 15 Skirmish, Red Bank Creek
Feb. 16-17 Skirmishes, Columbia
Feb. 18 Occupation of Charleston
Feb. 22 Skirmish, Camden
Feb. 24 Skirmish, Camden
Feb. 26 Skirmish, Lynch's Creek
Feb. 27 Skirmish, Cloud's House
Feb. 27 Skirmish, Mount Elon
Feb. 28 Skirmish, Cheraw
Feb. 28 Skirmish, Rocky Mount
MARCH - 1865
March 2 Skirmish, Chesterfield
March 3 Skirmish near Chesterfield
March 3 Skirmish, Juniper Creek
March 3 Skirmish, Himesborough
March 3 Skirmish near Cheraw
March 3 Skirmish, Blakeny's
March 3 Affair, Big Black Creek
March 4-6 Expedition from Cheraw
March 4-6 Expedition to Florence
March 5 Skirmish near Cheraw
March 8 Skirmish, Blue's Bridge
March 8 Skirmish, Love's Bridge
March 10 Engagement, Monroe's Cross Roads
APRIL - 1865
April 5-25 Expedition to Camden
April 9 Skirmish, Dingle's Mills
April 15-25 Expedition to Georgetown
April 17 Occupation of Camden
April 18 Skirmish. Boykin's Mills
April 18 Skirmish, Bradford Springs
April 19 Skirmish, Beech Creek
April 19 Skirmish, Denkin's Mills

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