SC 1st Artillery Battalion


This battalion was organized with five companies in early 1861, and mustered into Confederate service in MAY 1861. Company F was organized in OCT 1861, Company G in NOV 1861, and Companies H and I organized in FEB 1862. It was reorganized as the 1st Artillery Regiment on 25 MAR 1862.

Rivers gives the following account:

Under another resolution of the Convention and the Act of the Legislature creating "A military establishment for the State of South Carolina" (January 28, 1861), and authorizing the raising of a Regiment of Infantry, a Battalion of Artillery, and a Squadron of Cavalry - nine hundred and sixty men were enlisted and placed on duty under Brig. Gen. Dunovant. These were the Regulars and were to serve for three years, unless sooner discharged; the officers to be appointed by the Governor, with the consent of the Senate. Besides the officer already named, the appointments were (February 6th); Infantry, Col. R. H. Anderson; Artillery, Lieut. Col. R. S. Ripley; Cavalry, Major W. D. DeSaussure. The appointments of other commissioned officers contained many names which became illustrious in the Confederate armies. The gentlemen appointed did not all accept their positions. In actual service the Artillery was organized into a regiment as the First S.C. Artillery Regulars, with W. Ransom Calhoun, Colonel; Thos. M. Wagner, Lieut. Col.; Alfred Rhett, Major; Captains, Jos. A. Yates, Ormsby Blanding, Wm. C. Preston, J. Gadsden King, Henry S. Farley, Wm. H. Peronneau, Frank H. Harleston, David G. Fleming, J. A. Sitgreaves, and John C. Mitchel.


Ripley, Rowell S., Lieutenant Colonel; survived the war.

Calhoun, William Ransom, Lieutenant Colonel; Colonel. From Abbeville District. Died 15 SEP 1862 in a duel with Lt. Col. A. Rhett in Charleston, SC.

Wagner, Thomas M. (1824 - 17 JUN 1862) - Major, Lt. Colonel. From Charleston District. Died 17 JUN 1862 at Ft. Moultrie, SC from the bursting of a rifled gun.

Rhett, Alfred - Major

1st Manassas (21 JUL 1861)


Company F