South Carolina 3rd Infantry Battalion Reserves

Historical Notes:
South Carolina 3rd Infantry Battalion Reserves was designated as a battalion although it contained 10 companies. It was organized for service in 1864. It was made up of mostly of boys from the age of 16 to 17. Most of the officers were older men. Officers:
Crittenden, S.S. - Rank in Lieutenant Colonel. Rank out Lieutenant Colonel.
Dickson, William - Rank in Hospital Steward. Rank out Hospital Steward.
Duncan, A.S. - Rank in Quartermaster Sergeant. Rank out Quartermaster Sergeant.
Elford, C.J. - Rank in Colonel. Rank out Colonel.
Elford, G.E. - Rank in Adjutant. Rank out Adjutant.
Goldsmith, William - Quartermaster. .
Goodlett, J.H. - Rank in Ordnance Sergeant. Rank out Ordnance Sergeant.
Grice, D. - Rank in Major. Rank out Major.
Long, R. D. - Rank in Assistant Surgeon. Rank out Assistant Surgeon.
Pettigrew, William - Rank in Surgeon. Rank out Surgeon.
Smith, Henry M. - Rank in Commissary of Subsistence. Rank out Commissary of Subsistence.
duty in the Charleston area.
Siege of Charleston
The roster of this unit contains the names of 552 men.

Company A - Captain John Charles - Greenville District
Company B - Captain Thomas B. Roberts
Company C - Captain W. R. Berry
Company D - Captain Davis W. Hodges
Company E - Captain William B. Green - Greenville District
Company F - Captain W. H. Goodlett
Company G - Captain Joel Farmer
Company H - Captain William M. Jones
Company I - Captain W. E. Welborn
Company K - Captain Henry C. Briggs
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