The South Carolina 25th Infantry Regiment [also called Eutaw Regiment] was organized and mustered into Confederate service in July, 1862. It was formed with men of the 11th Battalion who were from Charleston and the middle region of the state. It served in the Charleston area assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and in September, 1863, it was placed in General Hagood's Brigade. All the men present at Fort Fisher were captured, and the few who later served in the regiment surrendered in April, 1865





A Company - (also known as A Company Washington Light Infantry) many men from Charleston District (County): Captain James M. Carson
B Company - (also known as Washington Light Infantry) many men from Charleston District (County): Captain Edward H. Lloyd; Captain Joseph S. Hannahan
C Company - (also known as B Company Wee Nee Volunteers): Captain John G. Pressley; Captain Thomas J. China; Captain Calhoun Logan
D Company - (also known as Marion Light Infantry): Captain William Jasper McKerrall; Captain N.B. Nazyck
E Company - (also known as Beauregard Light Infantry) many men from Charleston District (County): Captain Robert D. White; Captain Nat B. Mazyck; Captain W.J. Mckerall
F Company - (also known as Dantzler Rifles and St. Matthews Rifles): Captain M. Henry Sellers; Captain Leonidas A. Harper
G Company - (also known as Edisto Rifles) many men from Orangeburg District (County): Captain John V. Glover; Captain James Ferdinand Izler
H Company - (also known as Yeadon Light Infantry) many men from Charleston District (County): Captain Samuel LeRoy Hammond; Captain William H. Bartless
I Company (also known as Clarendon Guard): Captain T.N. Butler; Captain J.C. Burgess; Captain John J. Logan
K Company - (also known as Ripley Guards) many men from Williamsburg District (County): Captain William B. Gordon; Captain Edward R. Lesesne



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