Hampton Legion Infantry



Hampton Legion was organized by Wade Hampton during the spring of 1861. It contained a cavalry and infantry battalion, but they did not serve together. The cavalry battalion fought in the Seven Days' Battles and in the summer of 1862 merged into the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry Regiment. The infantry battalion was active at First Manassas and later was assigned to Wade Hampton's, Hood's, and Jenkins' Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It was involved in various conflicts from Seven Pines to Sharpsburg, moved to North Carolina, then served with Longstreet at Chickamauga and Knoxville. Crute states that in May, 1864, the unit was reorganized, mounted, and united with the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry Regiment, but that is not correct. The unit was designated Fitzhugh Lee's Cavalry Battalion and continued the remainder of the war in Virginia. It harassed Federal supply depots throughout northern Virginia, and fought in several actions during the lengthy Siege of Petersburg.

What was left of the Hampton Legion infantry surrendered with General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House in early April 1865.


1st Bull Run (21 JUL 1861)
Yorktown Siege (APR - MAY 1862
Eltham's Landing (7 MAY 1862)
Seven Pines (31 MAY - 1 JUN 1862)
Seven Days Battles VA (25 JUN - 1 JUL 1862)
Gaines Mill VA (27 JUN 1862)
2nd Bull Run VA (28 - 30 AUG 1862)
South Mountain VA (14 SEP 1862)
Antietam VA (17 SEP 1862)
Fredericksburg VA (13 DEC 1862)
Wauhatchie (28 - 29 OCT) 1863
Knoxville Siege GA (NOV - DEC 1863)
Petersburg Siege VA (JUN 1864 - APR 1865)
New Market Heights (29 SEP 1864)
Ropers' Farm (30 SEP 1864)
Sayler's Creek (6 APR 1865)
Appomattox Court House VA (9 APR 1865)


Company A - James Connor (Capt./Major) Charleston Washington Light Infantry
Company B - M.W. Gary (Capt./Col.) Edgefield Watson Guards
Company C - Wm.T Lesesne (Capt.) Clarendon Manning Guards
Company D - * W.H. Austin (Capt.) Anderson Gist Rifles
Company E - T.S. Adams (Capt.) Greenville Bozeman Guards
Company F - J.S. Austin (Capt.) Anderson/Greenville Davis Guards
Company G - E.S. Carson (Capt.) Sumter Clarmont Rifles
Company H - L.C. Mccord (Capt.) Statewide/Orangeburg S.C. Zouves
Company I - D.L. Hall (Capt.) From The Old Fourth After Sharpsburg
Company K - J.H. Bowen (Capt.) From The Old Fourth After Sharpsburg

*Well's biography of Hampton lists McFie as having an original company of the Hampton Legion Mounted Unit, as well as Meighan. This unit is seen designated both B and D.


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