South Carolina 1st SC Infantry State Troops

Historical Notes:
There are two units identified as the SC 1st Infantry Regiment State Troops. This unit was formed in January of 1863 and evidently disbanded in 1864 although many of the men probably served throughout the remainder of the war in advance of Sherman’s invasion. Officers:
Colonel: Thomas B. Roberts
Major: W. E. Welborn
Adjutant: R. L. Burn
Surgeon: F. F. Gary
Quartermaster Sergeant: William Goldsmith
Regimental Quartermaster: H. P. Hammett
Lieutenant Colonel: W. Lud Hodges
Assistant Surgeon: J. P. Latimer
Hospital Steward: H. W. Leeland
Commssary Sergeant: H. M. Smith
Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
The Siege of Charleston
The Carolinas Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1135 men.

Company A - Captain Thomas H. Russell - Anderson District
Company B - Captain Bennett C. Jones - District
Company C - Captain Benjamin Franklin Duncan - Anderson District
Company D - Captain Francis W. Burt - District
Company E - Captain Robert O. Tribble - Greenville District
Company F - Captain Robert C. Sharp - Abbeville District
Company G - Captain Moses Thomas Fowler - Laurens District
Company H - Captains Edward Powell & William A. Beacham - Greenville District
Company I - Captain John W. Hearst
Company K - Captain Samuel McKittrick
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