South Carolina 1st Regiment Charleston Guard

Historical Notes:
Very little is known of this regiment. The rosters for this regiment are defective. Rivers gives the number of men as 442 and the National Archives has 553 names in their index. Joseph H. Crute, Jr.'s book, "Units of the Confederate States Army", contains no history for this unit. lists this regiment being a part of the First State Troops with Soldiers whose names begin with A-D listed. At the bottom of one of the service records for a soldier it states: "This regiment appears to have been composed of South Carolina Militia in the service of the Confederate States." Robert S. Seigler's book states this "regiment was part of the 5th Subdivision under DeSaussure in the 1st South Carolina Military District commanded by Ripley in the summer of 1863. The exact dates of its organization are unknown, but it served from July 10 to September 26, 1863, at the Military Hall in Charleston". Officers:
Col. E. Magrath
Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
The Siege of Charleston
The Carolinas Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 553 men.

We have no names for Companies B & C and Companies G and K have very few names. It appears from the soldier service records that many of the men enlisted at Charleston, South Carolina.
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