South Carolina 2nd Battalion, Cavalry Reserves

Historical Notes:
The 2nd Battalion, South Carolina Cavalry Reserves (also known as the 8th Battalion, South Carolina Cavalry) was organized on May 30, 1862 from several independent cavalry companies. It served for only three months when in August of 1862 it was combined with other companies to create the 3rd Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry. Officers:
  • Major - D. J. Barnett
  • Roster:
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 68 men.

  • Company A

  • Company B - (also known as the Marion Men of Combahee) -many men from Colleton District(County), a few from Beaufort District (County) (now in Hampton County)

  • Company C -(alleged) (also known as Spartan Rangers)

  • Company E

  • Company F - (also known as the Savannah River Guard or Guards) -many men from Barnwell District (County)

  • Company G

  • Company H

  • Company K

  • Ashley Dragoons or Ashley Rangers - (also known as Captain Colcock's Company, South Carolina Cavalry) - many men from Charleston District (County) and Beaufort District (County)
  • Barnwell Dragoons - ( also called Lawton's Company, South Carolina Volunteers) - many men from Barnwell District (County)
  • Calhoon Minute Men - (also known as the Calhoon Mounted Men and Martin's Company, South Carolina Volunteers) -Colleton District (County), a few from Barnwell District (County), Georgia and Virginia.
  • Beaufort District Troop - (also known as Captain J. H. Howard's Company) -many men from;Beaufort District (County), a few from Barnwell District (County) and Texas
  • Colleton Rangers - (possibly from Colleton District (County)
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