South Carolina 2nd Battalion, Sharpshooters (Infantry)

Historical Notes:
The 2nd Battalion, South Carolina Sharpshooters (also called Smith's Battalion Sharpshooters) began requesting men as early as March1 862 from various other organized military units. Companies A-C was organized by June 1862. They mustered into service on September 1, 1862. Their field Officer was Major Benjamin Burgh Smith, Junior. The 2nd Battalion was disbanded on 28 December 1862. The enlisted men were ordered to be returned to their former commands and the commissioned officers to report to the Commandant of Conscripts of South Carolina. Company B of the SC 9th Infantry Regiment. made up much of the nucleus of this battalion. Rivers Account of the Raising of the Troops for State and Confederate Service in South Carolina states that 300 men were originally enrolled. Officers:
Benjamin Burgh Smith - Captain
3rd Military District of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida from June - September 1862 Battles:
I find no records of battles for this unit. Roster:
The roster of this unit contains the names of 309 men.

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