South Carolina 3rd Infantry Regiment Reserves (90 days 1862 - 1863)

Historical Notes:
This regiment was organized for service in 1864. It was made up of mostly of boys from the age of 16 to 17. Most of the officers were older men. Officers:
Goodwin ( Goodwyn ), Artemas Darby, Colonel, born 10 Dec 1827 in St. Mathews , died 10 Aug 1898. He was joined 9 Apr 1861 as a private and rose to the rank of Lientenat Colonel of the 2nd SC Infantry, until he retired 3 June 1863 for disability, as a result of wound received at Savage Station, VA. Before his election as colonel, he was captain of the "Bonham Guards," of Richland District, which became Co. K of this regiment.
Cash, Ellerebe Boggan Crawford, Adjutant, previously Colonel of the 8th SC Infantry in 1861-1862, and Colonel of the 2nd SC Reserves in 1862.
Miller, J. S., QuarterMaster
Griffin, P. E., Surgeon
Blair, J. H., Assistant Surgeon
Gaillard, H. J., Sergeant Major
Briggs, R. R., QuarterMaster Sergeant
Gayden, H. T., Commissary Sergeant
Clarkson, R. H., Ordnance Sergeant
Byer, S. M., Hospital Steward
Adams, James H., private from Company K, Colonel's Orderly
Chestnut's Brigade (Dec 1864 thru January 1865)
Wright's Divison, Robertson's Brigade (January thru February 1865)
The Carolinas Campaign
The roster of this unit contains the names of 752 men.

Company A - Captain - District
Company B - Captain - District
Company C - Captain - District
Company D - Captain Z. J. Drake - Marlboro District
Company E - Captain - District
Company F - Captain Daniel J. Avinger - Orangeburg District
Company G - Captain - District
Company H - Captain Charles Broom - Fairfield District
Company I - Captain James Dixon Caskey - Lancaster District
Company K - Captain Lawrence W. Taylor - Richland District Company UnKnown - Captain E. E. Evans - Darlington District Catains who I can't match with their company:
Captain Bradley - Sumter District
Captain McKnight's - Kingstree
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