SC 1st Cavalry Battalion


The 1st Battalion, South Carolina Cavalry was the nucleus of the 1st Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry. It was organized on October 31, 1861. It began with six companies; increased to nine companies in early 1862 and began functioning as a regiment (also known as Black's Regiment). A tenth company was added and on June 25, 1862, the 1st Battalion Cavalry was consolidated and redesignated as the 1st Cavalry Regiment.


John Logan Black (Lieutenant Colonel)
John D. Twiggs (Major)


Department of South Carolina (October-November 1861)
Department of South Carolina and Georgia (November-December 1861)
3rd Military District of South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (December 1861-May 1862)
2nd Military District of South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (May-June 1862)


Pocotaglio {skirmish} (May 29, 1862)
John's Island {skirmish} (June 7, 1862)


The only roster that has been found is for Company A.

Company A - Spartanburg District (County) and Laurens District (County); Captain Niles Nesbitt

Company B - (also know as Ferguson Rangers) - Abbeville District (County): Captain M.T. Owens

Company C - Edgefield District (County) and Barnwell District (County): Captain John D. Twiggs

Company D - Chester District (County): Captain W.A. Walker

Company E - Orangeburg District (County): Captain J.D. Trezevant

Company F - Pickens District (County) and Oconee District (County): Captain Elam Sharp

Company G - Abbeville District (County): Captain L.J. Johns

H Company, York: Captain R.A. Jones

I Company, Colleton: Captain John R. Fox

K Company, York, Chester, Barnwell and Edgefield: Captain A.P. Brown



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